Lewis Stardew Valley: Gifts, Heart Events, Quest

Here we have covered all information about the Lewis Stardew Valley with complete details about Gifts, Heart Event and Quest.

Lewis has been the mayor of Pelican Town for twenty years, the resident of the mayors estate, and the unwitting holder of a purple short fortune. Lewis has held the position of Mayor of Pelican town for more than 20 years, with no contenders to his title suggesting that he is the preferred choice.

Because of the amount of time Lewis has spent as mayor of Pelican Town, he has not married and has not started a family, by all accounts.

Lewis has also given you a few missions, if you can finish those, he gives you some gold and a few friendship points. So, in this article, we’ll tell you some of his heart events, gifts and all the quests available.

Lewis: Overview

Lewis is the Mayor of Pelican Town in Stardew Valley. He’s a well-respected member of the community and is trusted by all. He ensures that businesses in the town run smoothly. He’s also a bachelor.

lewis stardew valley
lewis stardew valley

He’s a kind and helpful guy, always willing to lend a hand. He first appears in Stardew Valley after you have been away from Pelican Town for a while and has started to feel homesick.

He’s also a bit of a geek, and can be found in his workshop tinkering with his latest invention. When you first talk to him, he’ll tell you that he just wants someone to hang out with and will ask if he can join your farm.

Lewis came to Stardew Valley to start a new life. He starts off as a very friendly character and is befriended immediately by the player. He tends to keep to himself, preferring not to socialize with the other residents of Stardew Valley too often.

His friendship with Marnie, a local farmer who sells animals and animal supplies, is particularly strong.On Friday nights, they are frequently spotted chatting at a small Star Drop Saloon table.

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What are Lewis’ heart events?

Heart Events are just a type of cutscene and it will only happen after getting a certain number of hearts in your Stardew Valley game. You get a few free things from Lewis for doing Heart events. You can get into these events if you have earned enough Friendship Points with Lewis.

You will then be allowed into town during the sunnier hours of 7-9 pm, showing up at the back of Lewis’ house. Entering Marnie’s ranch from 10 am to 4 pm on a sunny day will also cause a cutscene where Shane is shooting a scene with Emily and Clint (assuming the player has at least two hearts for Emily and Clint). So, below we have provided three main heart events:

3-Heart Event

After reaching 3 hearts with Lewis, he sends you a recipe in mail. When you reach three hearts, Lewis will send you a letter attached for a recipe for spaghetti.

6-Heart Event

Upon reaching six hearts with both Marnie’s and Levi, the cutscene will occur upon entering Town Square at night. Once a player has reached six hearts with both Lewis and Marnie, go to Town at 7-11 PM.

You will hear Marnie and Lewis talking by a riverside, regarding making their relationship public. You will stand in Lewis’s front yard, watching Lewis talk to Marnie about making their relationship public.

Lewis is frequently seen at Marnie’s ranch, explaining this by saying that he is there to help Marnie in anything that Marnie needs.

Marnie wants to go public with their romantic relationship, but snarky Carpenter is concerned that he will lose his mayoralty amongst other residents in his new house.

You emerge from the shadows and scare them as Marnie reluctantly promises to keep the secret a secret. When Lewis asks you if you overheard their talk, you must reply, “Yes… but I’ll keep it a secret.” While doing the other would cost you 100 friendship points with Lewis, doing this will get you 50.

7-Heart Event

Reach 7 hearts with Lewis, and Lewis will send you an eggplant parm recipe. When you reach seven hearts with the ironic carpenter, he will mail you a recipe for eggplant parmesan, with the letter attached.

Stardew Valley Lewis Gifts

Each villager in Stardew Valley has their own unique tastes, but there are still some gifts that are loved, liked, disliked, hated, by Lewis or had a neutral feel.

There are also exceptions for each villager, with some items loved by others hated, and others are just neutral.Eggs and milk are both liked items by nearly all characters, making them a perfect gifting item to have at the ready. So, let’s have a look at gifts for Lewis:

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Loved Gifts by Lewis

-Autumn’s Bounty,

-Glazed Yams,

-Green Tea,

-Hot Peppers,

-Vegetable Medley, and

-All the Universal Loves(includes Golden Pumpkin, Pearls, Magic Rock Candy, Prismatic Shards, and Rabbit’s Feet)

Liked Gifts by Lewis

-Cactus Fruits,

-Life Elixir,

-Maple Syrup,


-Blueberries, and

-All Universal Likes.

Neutral Gifts by Lewis

-Every egg (except for void eggs),

-Every fruit (except for blueberry, cactus fruit, coconut, fruit tree fruit, hot pepper, and salmonberry),


-Common mushroom,






-Magma caps,





-Duck Feathers,

-Fried Eggs,


-Nautilus Shells,

-Rainbow Shells,


-Squid Ink,

-Sweet Gem Berries,

-Tea Leaves,



-Purple mushroom,

-Snow yams,

-Winter roots, and

-Every universal neutral

Disliked Gifts by Lewis

-All milk

-All Building Materials,

-Metal Goods,

-All Artifacts,

-All Bombs,

-All Crafted Floors and Paths,

-All Fences,

-All Fertilizers and Sprinklers,

-All fishing Tackle,

-All Seeds,


-Wild Horseradish, and

-Every universal dislike

Hated Gifts by Lewis



-All Fossils,

-All Universal Hate

Stardew Valley Lewis Quests

Mayor’s Shorts

In Summer 3, you get a letter in your mailbox that starts off this quest, where Mayor Lewis tells you that he is lost his purple shorts and he wants you to get it back, separately.

Completing this quest, means if you will return the mayor’s shorts, Lewis will award 750g to the player, with one more heart for the friendship.

Along with their famous purple shorts of Lewis that have been lost, Stardew Valley gives you another clue about Lewis’s relationship with Marnie.

You can find a letter signed with the M under Marnie’s coffee mug in Marnie’s bedroom.His couple of Lucky Shorts are located in Marnie’s bedroom at his ranch, to access it and retrieve them, though, you need to have two hearts with her first.

Finding his missing shorts might sound like an easy quest to fetch, but in reality, you have a little bit of work ahead of you before you actually can obtain them. Yes, the friendship might take some time, but if you are looking to find his purple shorts, then it is absolutely worth the effort.

Mayor’s Need

In Stardew Valley, one of the quests is to find truffle oil. On Summer 21 of your second year, Lewis will send you a letter asking for a bottle of truffle oil. This can be a bit difficult; you’ll be able to get it done quickly and easily.

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The first thing you need to do is get your hands on some truffle oil. You can either buy it from the store or make it yourself using an oil maker.

Once you have the oil, simply give it to the mayor and you’ll have completed the quest. As a reward, you’ll receive 1 friendship heart from the mayor.Lewis will request a bottle of truffle oil, in return for the 750g bounty, and another heart of friendship.

Help Wanted

In order to complete this quest, you must vanquish a certain type of monster or bring him a particular item. Once you have done this, simply talk with Lewis to claim your reward.

The reward for a monster will be the corresponding amount of money, while the reward for an item will be worth three times the item’s value. You will also receive one friendship heart for each choice in Stardew Valley.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Should I tell everyone about Marnie and Lewis?

Keep it a secret or tell everyone. Lewis yells out, “Tell everyone.” Lewis thanks you, but keep it a secret. When Marnie inquires as to your purpose for being behind the home, the player abruptly departs, confusing the two.

What happens if you give Lewis shorts to Marnie?

Lewis will jump up in astonishment when he notices the player wearing his shorts before expressing dissatisfaction. Marnie, on the other hand, will giggle and appear a little more accepting of the player’s choice in attire. Other than that, there are no new conversations or special incentives.

What should I give Lewis on his birthday?

For a staggering 960 friendship points, or nearly four hearts for a single gift, give Lewis an iridium quality Hot Pepper on his birthday.

Can you become mayor Stardew Valley?

Lewis cannot be raced against by the Farmer or any of the Stardew Valley’s supporting cast members. No one suggests the Farmer become mayor, despite the fact that he is the most well-liked resident of Pelican Town.

What do I do with mayor Lewis shorts?

Players have the option to play a few practical jokes on Lewis with the shorts rather than instantly returning them. For instance, if the player places them on the Grange Display at the Stardew Valley Fair, Mayor Lewis will bribe the player with 750 Star Tokens to remove them.

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