Lionel Messi Suggests Son Thiago Has Little Interest in Football

Thiago Lionel Messi’s child, what does he think about his father’s career and if he shows any interest in it as the whole world will be watching this kid with high expectations from his father’s footsteps. Read all that and more in this article.

Lionel Andres Messi, also known as Lionel Mess, the 36-year-old famous Argentine Professional football player, has three children with his wife Antonella Roccuzzo and their oldest son Thiago. 

Lionel Messi said in one interview that he doesn’t buy his son Theigo many balls, or he wouldn’t force him to play with them as he doesn’t like them that much. So it is clear that his son doesn’t yet have any interest in his father’s career sports.

Lionel Messi Son Thiago
thiago messi

Thieogo Messi Life 

  • Full Name: Thiago Messi Rocuzzo
  • Born on: 2 November 2012
  • Mother: Antonella Roccuzzo
  • Born in: Barcelona Spain
  • Net Worth: $5 Million
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For now, Messi’s son isn’t showing love for Football yet compared to Messi’s Rival Ronaldo’s son, who is overly interested in football and playing football passionately already.

But we can see Theigo Messi wearing a jersey with his father’s famous jersey number 10 and “Papi” written on it. People have great expectations of him to see a bright-looking future. 

Theigo’s Siblings

Thiego is the oldest sibling among his two brothers, Mateo Messi and Ciro Messi. Mateo Messi was born in September 2015. Ciro Messi, the youngest son of Lionel Messi, was born in March 2018. 

However, Theigo Messi isn’t interested in playing his father’s career, whereas his younger Brother Mateo is showing more interest in the game and has a talent. He was also enrolled at the Barcelona Soccer School, La Masia.  And he is making his name in the under 8’s team. 

That’s all for what Lionel Messi says about his oldest son Theigo and his interest in football. I hope you got all your answers.

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