The Person who Paralyzed Prichard Colon, Terrel Williams, doesn’t believe he did anything wrong

Terrel Williams paralyzed Prichard Colon, and now Terrel doesn’t think he did anything wrong. Who is Terrel Williams, and What happened that led to this? Read all that and more in this article. 

Terrel Williams is a former American football player and is now the assistant head coach and defensive line coach for the Tennessee Titans of the National Football League. Prichard Colon faced Terrel Williams in MMA. 

Their boxing started like a usual fight, but then it started getting ugly. Terrel knocked Colon twice, was disqualified, and went into a coma after the match. Terrel Williams said that he did nothing wrong two years after the game.

Terrel Williams and Prichard Colon Fight Outcome.

In the infamous Welterweight contest on October 17, 2015, Terrel Williams and Prichard Colon locked horns at Fairfax’s EagleBank Arena.

Prichard was looking for a win to keep their winning streak and extend the record to a perfect 17-0, but what happened next wasn’t in Prichard’s best interest and changed his life.

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During the match, Terrel threw repeated Rabbit punches, to which Prichard continuously complained about the ref. Prichard got knocked out twice and was disqualified. He woke up 221 days later. 

Terrel Williams and Prichard Colon Now 

After two years, Prichard’s parents filed a lawsuit seeking damages worth $50 million, and the case still hasn’t been settled. Now, thankfully, Prichard is doing much better. Prichard’s Family has a YouTube Channel showing his recovery and how he is doing now. 

On the other hand, Terrel Williams has expressed concern for Prichard’s health and says he has suffered a lot. In 2018, he spoke in an interview where he said he prays for the best recovery of Prichard every day, and he said he hopes Prichard’s family heals, and he is also trying to heal. Terrel also added that he thinks and knows he didn’t do anything wrong that night.

That’s all Terrel Williams has to say about the outcomes of his fight with Prichard Colon and how Prichard and Terrel are doing now.

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