Lock on Pistol Fortnite: Where To Find and Use

Fortnite always comes up with new items in the game to keep players engaged. Recently there is a new weapon just like the ODG gear that shows up in Fortnite. The Lock On Pistol that can be obtained as Ground Loot, Chests, and Supply Caches in the game.

This implies that it can be found randomly in certain locations on the Fortnite map. While it can appear in any loot spawn, recommended areas to search for it are Mega City, Steamy Springs, and Anvil Square

The Lock On Pistol is categorized as a Rare Rarity, indicated by its blue color. It is not possible to upgrade this weapon at Upgrade Stations.

The Lock On Pistol possesses an exclusive feature that makes it appealing, making it essential to understand how to acquire it for various reasons.

lock on pistol location Fortnite
lock on pistol fortnite

How To Use the Lock On Pistol in Fortnite

The recently introduced Lock On Pistol in Fortnite can be discovered as Ground Loot, in Supply Drops, and Chests. It is advisable to look for it by opening chests, regardless of the location. 

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However, visiting areas with a greater number of chests increases the chances of discovering it. For instance, locations like Anvil Square, Breakwater Bay, Mega City, or other named areas have a higher count of chests.

The Lock On Pistol’s notable feature is its ability to target adversaries as the name implies. By aiming for an extended period, the four middle crosshairs will become pink, as illustrated in the image. At this point, the weapon will lock onto the opponent, and the succeeding shot will hit the target.

how to use lock on pistol fortnite
lock on pistol fortnite

The Lock On Pistol inflicts 20 damage for body shots and approximately 25 for headshots. The damage output increases based on the weapon’s rarity.

Players will still need to land multiple shots to achieve the 200 damage target for the challenge. It is crucial to accumulate the full 200 damage before losing the weapon by dying in-game.

This is all for how to get and use Lock on Pistol on Fortnite for more similar guide do check our Fortnite guides section.

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