Fortnite: Collect Gem Fragments High in the Air Locations

In a quest of Fortnite, you have to collect all the gem fragments. In few of them, one of the locations you have to collect gem Fragments high in the Air.

As the quest’s name suggests, you’ll find gem Fragments at designated spots or locations on the map. First, you need to visit all ten designated locations to collect gem fragments.

To find gems, you’ll need to visit large locations such as Dangerous Canyons, Shelters, Summer Camps, and more. Everywhere has a fragment.

Gems with “named locations” are the easiest to find because you only need to visit the main nodes on the map. So, in this article we’ll tell you all the locations and process through which you can collect Gem Fragments High in the Air.

collect gem fragments high in the air
collect gem fragments high in the air locations

How to get all the Gem Fragments High in the Air?

In the first challenge, Shanta asks you to collect 6 Gem Fragments outside of the Vaults of Seven in Fortnite Chapter 3. The Players may need to enter the Seven Vaults and descend the floor to find the gem. While the in-game map helps determine the total area of ​​each gem, it can be difficult to find specific points once you’ve reached various landmarks on the map.

Collecting Gem Fragments high up in the air from the map is one of the first challenges Looper has to complete in Fortnite.

But, before diving into an objective, it’s good to know that every gem shard in every designated location is in the open air, which means you won’t have to dig buildings to find gems. In order to reach the next gem, it is best to construct a ramp here.

Unlike the rest of Shanta quests in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, it’s much easier to find gem shards at designated locations, as you won’t be crawling into unmarked areas.

There are Gem fragments in different locations in Fortnite, so here is a detailed guide of locations where you can find 6 gem fragments that are located high up in the air:-

Gem Fragment #1

It’s ideal to undertake the final round of challenges in Team Rumble since you spawn in while gliding, however, this requires you to collect Gems in mid-air, which is irritating. The first Gem may be located to the northeast of Logjam Lumberyard, north of the road. A red-roofed house is above it.

Gem Fragment #2

After that, proceed past the bridge and toward Sleepy Sound’s east. This gem is slightly difficult to see because it is perched atop a big tree. The branches and leaves will obscure your view, therefore it is advisable to cut the tree down and construct a path around it.

Gem Fragment #3

We can find a zip line which is located to the north of the daily bugle, which generally leaves from a canyon. You can simply travel south on this zip line while collecting the Gem.

Gem Fragment #4

After that, proceed to Sanctuary’s west, where a wooden hut can be found. The Gem itself is located above the shack and is located east of a small pond. Then, descend to grab it after building up to it.

Gem Fragment #5

The next Gem is located southwest of The Joneses and to the east of the meandering river. It’s in the air, so prepare for it similarly to the last one. Just to the north of the desert region is where to look.

Gem Fragment #6

The final one is over a tiny pond that can be located to the north of a significant bend in the road, west of Chonker’s Speedway. Just construct a ramp up to it to retrieve the Gem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

How do you collect gem fragments high in the air?

These gem fragments will probably require you to construct a ramp to reach them or to grab them when they fall from the bus.

Do the Shanta quests expire?

It comes on the first day of the season and remains so until it is over.

Where is the vault in Fortnite?

The Seven Outpost, tucked up in the mountains to the north of Logjam Lumberyard, is where you may find this vault. By going down the steps inside of this modest building, you can find it in the one-story portion there.

Are there vaults in Chapter 3?

Several enormous vaults in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 feature a variety of high-tier loot items that can be helpful in battle. The game already includes vaults, and Epic Games has added a significant number of them over the course of three Chapters.

Can you open vaults in solo Fortnite?

There are presently seven vaults in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, and they are all situated at Seven Outposts. Vaults can be unlocked in solitary mode in addition to when a team with multiple players is present.

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