LOL: “Behold my True Form League” Solution

LoLdle is an online game that tests your League of Legends knowledge, and in today’s game, we are perplexed by the quote, “Behold my true form.” LoLdle, a spinoff of the popular Wordle, challenges you to find a League of Legends champion based on their details in its ‘LoLdle Classic’ mode.

LoLdle tests experienced and inexperienced players, allowing you to track progress and assess your League of Legends proficiency. The question “Behold my true form” might be challenging to find out. However, I have found out the answer and will also explain the champion who said it. 

Warding in League of Legends
Image via Riot Games

“Behold my true form.”: What Champion Says This?

Shyvana is the champion who says the quote, “Behold my true form.”

Shyvana is a League of Legends champion who is half-dragon. She is a formidable ranged champion who can transform into a dragon in battle. She gains enhanced stats and abilities when she transforms. The quote “Behold my true form” is one of her most famous, and she often says it when she transforms.

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Purpose of “Behold my True Form” Quote – LOL

The quote “Behold my true form” strongly declares Shyvana’s identity. It is a statement that she is not ashamed of her draconic heritage and is not afraid to embrace her true power. The quote also serves as a warning to those who would oppose her: she is a formidable foe.

Here are some other quotes that Shyvana says:

  1. “I am the dragon’s fury.”
  2. “I will not be denied.”
  3. “This is my true form.”
  4. “I will show you true power.”
  5. “I am the storm.”

Shyvana’s strength, power, and determination are all reflected in these quotes. They also demonstrate her willingness to embrace her draconic heritage.