Mega Sableye in Pokemon Go: Debut Date, Stats and Weaknesses

Another exciting Pokemon Go event is on the Horizon in which trainers will be able to catch two new Pokemon. ‘Dark Flames’ will begin on Thursday, June 29, at 10:00 AM Local Time and end on Sunday, July 2, at 8:00 PM Local Time.

A variety of Dark and Fire types are going to be up for grabs, be it in the wild or in Raids.

Turtanator, a Generation 7 Pokemon, will be available in the Three-Star Raids along with Marowak (Alola Version), Flareon, and Umbreon. The Fire-and-Dragon type is going to have a max CP of 2513, with Attack 165, Defense 215, and Stamina 155.

Thus, Turtantor is great for Raids and PvP battles. Its moveset consisting of Dragon Pulse (108 DMG), Fire Spin (16.8 DMG), Ember (12 DMG), Flamethrower (84 DMG), and Overheat (184 DMG) will be boosted by Sunny and Windy weather.

Along with Turtanator, Mega Sableye is going to debut in the Pokemon Go Dark Flames Event. The Dark-and-Ghost type is also going to be available as Shiny.

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Shiny Mega Sableye Sprite can be easily identified as it holds a green stone instead of the usual red and its skin is yellow with green eyes. A normal version of Sableye, for upgrading purposes, can be encountered in the wild.

Mega Sableye Statistics in Pokemon Go

Mega Sableye can be used in the Great League from level 28 to level 35. The Generation 3 Pokemon has a min CP of 1834 at Level 50 and a max CP of 2196, with Attack 151, Defense 216, and Stamina 137. Compared to the normal one, there isn’t much difference in ATK (+10) and STA.

Mega Sable’s advantage is its outstanding Defense with deadly fast-paced combos such as Shadow Claw and Foul Play (8.23 DPS) and Shadow Claw and Power Gem (7.29 DPS). These attacks will be boosted during Foggy weather.

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Mega Sableye Weaknesses and Counters in Pokemon Go

Since it has both Dark and Ghost qualities, Mega Sableye is vulnerable to Fairy Type moves. It is resistant to Normal, Psychic, Fighting, and Poison Types and can be effectively used in PvP, Raids, and Mega Raids. Heatran, the next 5-Star Raid in Pokemon Go, will be up for a challenge if it stands against a Mega Sableye.

Below is a list of 5 Pokemon and their builds that can counter the Mega Sableye Raid in Pokemon Go.

  1. Xurxitree – Thunder Shock (Electric) and Dazzling Gleam (Fairy)
  2. Hero Xacian – Snarl (Foul) and Play Rough (Fairy)
  3. Togekiss – Charm (Fairy) and Dazzling Gleam (Fairy)
  4. Tapu Bulu – Bullet Seed (Grass) and Dazzling Gleam (Fairy)
  5. Primarina – Charm (Fairy) and Moonblast (Fairy)

Dark Flames Event Bonuses and Field Research Task rewards in Pokemon Go

mega sableye weakness
Image via PokemonGoLive

The three-day Dark Flames Event in Pokemon Go will implement a number of changes.

  1. Additional 25% XP and three additional Candies for completing Raids
  2. Trainers level 31 and up will receive an additional Candy XL for completing Raids
  3. Team Rocket Go Grunts will predominantly use Fire and Dark type Pokemon
  4. Timed Research in which trainers could pick either Fire or Dark paths
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Choosing the Fire path will attract more Fire-type Pokémon while choosing the Dark path will attract more Dark-type Pokémon to Incense. Complete research tasks to earn a Premium Battle Pass, 15,000 XP, and encounters with event-themed Pokémon.

According to LeekDuck, Alolan Meowth, Alolan Grimer, Alolan Marowak, Magmar, Sneasel, and Litwick will be the event-themed Pokemon that could be caught after completing Field Research.

June 29 is going to be a busy day in Pokemon Go. Stock up on Incense, Pokeballs, Berries, and upgrade the Fairy Types.