LOL: The Storm Approaches League Solution 

Loldle is a popular game that a League of legends fan introduced. It has gained popularity among fandom. LoLdle is a game that tests your League of Legends knowledge. It is inspired by the popular word-guessing game “Wordle.”

Every day, there is a new quote for the fans to guess the answer to. It challenges the fans to come up with solutions to the questions. In the “LoLdle Classic” mode, the players have to guess a League of Legends champion, according to the quote.

Still, now they have extended the game and added a “Splash” mode where you have to think of the champion from an artwork, an “Emoji” mode in which you guess the champion from the set of 3-5 emojis, and an “Ability” mode in which you anticipate an ability from their armory.

The Storm Approaches is the day’s quote for the online game; LoLdle. This leaves us confused, but don’t worry, I have figured it out and will help you too! So let’s see what it means and the solution to this. 

the storm approaches league
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“The storm approaches.”: What champion says this?

The quote of the day for April 14th is “The Storm Approaches.” If you have difficulty figuring it out, I’ve got you covered. Today was tricky for LoL fans, but you don’t have to go through the trouble of figuring out the answer.

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I have the League of Legends champion’s answer for the quote of the day, which is:

The answer to the quote is= JANA.

Jana, the League of Legends Champion

Jana is a mysterious, elemental wind spirit who protects the dispossessed of Zaun. She is armed with the power of Runeterra’s gales. People believe that she was brought into existence by the pleas of Runeterra’s sailors.

Let’s see the role and abilities of Jana.

  • Epithet= The Storm’s Fury
  • Abilities= Eye of the Storm, Howling Gale, Monsoon, Tailwind, and Zephyr

LoLdle 14th April Answers Of All Modes

We have already discussed the quote of the day from the 14th of April, “The Storm Approaches,” the answer to which was Jana. Now let’s look into the answers of other modes. 

Classic LoLdle

The answer to the classic LoLdle for 14th April is = Aurelion Sol

Ability LoLdle

The answer to the ability mode of LoLdle for 14th April is = Corki

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Emoji LoLdle

The emojis for the 14th April LoLdle = Double person, Knife Ninja 

The answer to this is = Zed

Splash Art LoLdle

The answer to the splash Art LoLdle for the day is =Renekton

Who says on all legs in League of Legends?

“On All Legs” is another quote of the day for the LoLdle game, and the players have to guess which champion said this quote. This was a tricky one for the LoLdle fans. But don’t worry, I have figured out the answer for you, so you don’t have to be confused or have trouble finding the answers. 

“On All Legs” is the quote said by Skarner. 

So the answer to this LoLdle is = Skarner.