LOL: TFT Double Up Ranks System Explained 2024

TFT Double Up Ranks: Some things, like playing volleyball or football or playing two-man tag team match or bank robberies, are simply best done with a partner or in a team. What about TFT, though? Although you can wait in line with your pals, this is primarily a solitary sport. That is, at the conclusion of bygone days today’s end offers the opportunity to play Double Up!

Double up is the new TFT mode, that many players for years have been waiting for as everyone wants to play their favorite game with their friends, and now it is here.

How Double Up Ranks Work in LOL?

In Double Up!, you can collaborate with one other player being your friend or a random stranger to share your victories, and defeats, and you can even share some of your champions. You have the option of matching randomly or waiting in line with someone from your friend list. In any case, you’ll never engage in combat with that player.

Because you and your companion have a common health pool, any damage you sustain will also affect them. (No obligation.) Don’t worry though, you get two chances in Double Up! When you and your partner are knocked out for the first time, you will be restored with 1 HP so you can continue battling.

tft double up ranks

However, if one of you loses once more, the game is effectively finished. Well, that’s the risk you have to take if you play double up, just be honest who cares about wins or loses when paying with friends, fun is all we want.

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Even though Double Up! will still be in beta, we’re making it competitive. Every game you play will increase or decrease your Double Up Rank, much like in Hyper Roll. Due to their similar colors and point minimums, the rankings themselves will be recognizable to Hyper Roll players.

The Double Up ranking system is extremely comparable to the Hyper Roll ranking system in that neither has unranked matches. As a result, if you start playing Double Up, the game is always competitive. You will receive the same number of points whether you play cooperatively with a friend or not.


Well you know about the hyper roll ranked tier list, The Double Up tiers are identical as well. They come in fives. They are all identified by various colors. There are a total of five levels. In Hyper Roll, they may be recognized by a variety of colors. Upon winning your first game and 500 points, you will begin your journey on the Grey tier. But what about the other Double Up tiers?

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There are five of them, as we just explained, and you begin climbing the ladder from the Grey tier. so grey tier is what u get for no points.  However, how many points are required to advance in Double Up? Look below.

●  0 points for the grey tier.

●  1,400 points for the green tier.

●  2,600 points for the blue tier.

●  3,400 points for the purple tier.

●  4,200 points for the coveted double tier.

To climb the ladder, you must finish at least fourth in the contest. The fourth-place finisher in some games, however, may receive 0 points. Therefore, always strive for the top three if you want to advance. Inherently, you will lose points if you place more liability than fourth.

Keep in mind that both partners who play Double Up together will experience the same results. Now you know the double-up tier let’s talk about how the ranking system works and differs from TFT.


The key distinctions between the Double Up and TFT ranking systems are shown below:

●  A ranking system similar to Hyper Roll’s exists in Double Up. It makes use of the grey, green, blue, purple, and hyper tiers rather than the standard Iron through Challenger levels. Everything was discussed above.

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● Players will earn Ranked presents starting in the blue tier based on the highest rating they receive at each level. At the end of the set, Double Up will have its own distinct tiered prizes.

●  Although each game in Double Up offers a fixed 50 XP, players can also earn XP by completing missions in double up.


As for the Double Up prizes. You simply need to be unconcerned if you go down a rank tier in order to move up to the blue rank tier. That is the lowest level that pays. Of course, you may climb as high as you like for a greater payout.

Remember that you will still receive the prize for the highest tier you were able to attain even if you subsequently decide to jump. Now you know all about the new double-up mode and its ranks. Good luck have fun!

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