Marauders Duplication Glitch Explained

Marauders are one of the popular sci-fi 1st person-shooting games in which you need to explore space as a pirate. Currently, this game is only available through Steam and does need some more improvement.

Recently most players are facing a bug or glitch in Marauders in which players can duplicate the items in the game. Here we covered the information regarding duplicating items in Marauders. Without any further ado let’s focus on the guide.

Marauders Duplication Item Glitch

In Marauders whenever you complete a mission you get some amount of money or valuable loot as the reward. However, there is a glitch in Marauders that allows you to obtain the in-game currency more easily.

Most players report this glitch in Marauders in which whenever players are picking up containers and dropping them is increasing the number of containers each time they perform this action in Marauders.

There is also another bug reported by some players of Marauders in this bug during the raid when the player loses their ship to another player and then the crush occurs in this action player gets kicked out of the game. More importantly, when they login again into the game, the ship they own will duplicate and still another player has that ship and you also had it.

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Following are the actions that also duplicate the items in the Marauders that were reported by the Reddit user named BarakuTwisted.

  • Craft an item and don’t claim it
  • Go to the raid without claiming crafted items
  • After completing the raid pick up the crafted items
  • Play another raid generally
  • After completing the second raid you’ll notice that the last raid-crafted items are still in the queue.

However, when players reported these types of bugs the developer try their best to fix those bugs in a few days. So may these bugs may not work anymore for other players.

This is the end of this short guide for more similar content do check our Marauders guide panel.