Afflicted, Benevolent and Radiant Fountain in POE? Explained

The Path of Exile developers has introduced The Forbidden Sanctum a new update that has new 2 Skill Gems, 7 Vaal Skill Gems, over 15 new special Items and a lot more. Most of the players are confused about these new features in the game.

Here we featured a guide that covers what are Afflicted, Benevolent and Radiant Fountains in the Sanctum along with other useful information. Without further ado let’s check the guide.

What is Fountain in Path of Exile Sanctum?

The Sanctum has a total of 4 floors that have 8 rooms on each floor most importantly you will need to defeat the Boss available on each floor to move further into the game. In Sanctum there are also 4 fountain rooms that contain the fountain. Following are the fountains you can obtain in the Sanctum.

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Fountain in POE

fountain in path of exile
afflicted fountain poe

When you explore the rooms in the Sanctum to get the fountain that looked like a three to get you need to spend 5 Aureus and it will give you 25 percent maximum resolve. Its the basic fountain there are also 3 more that you can get in the game.

Benevolent Fountain in POE

Benevolent Fountain in path of exile
afflicted fountain poe

While exploring the floors if you come across the Benevolent Fountain then you will obtain the Random Boon from this fountain by you need to speed 150 Aureus for it.

Radiant Fountain in POE

Radiant Fountain in path of exile
afflicted fountain poe

The Radiant Fountain is another fountain that you can find in Sanctum rooms. However, this fountain gives you 200 Inspiration, Remove the random affliction and grant you a random boon. But to get it you need to spend 5 Aureus.

Afflicted Fountain in POE

Afflicted Fountain in path of exile
afflicted fountain poe

It’s one of the tricker fountains in the Sanctum for it you need to spend 5 Aureus same amount as the Radiant fountain but there is a catch the Afflicted fountain grants you 50 percent maximum Resolve along with inflict of random Affiliation on the player.

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This is all for the POE Sanctum fountains guide for more similar content such as who is Captain Clayborne and more do check our Path of Exile guide section.