Minecraft: Where is Iron in Minecraft 1.20?

In Minecraft, Iron has always been one of those items that you can easily farm in the game. With the release of the new update of Minecraft Version 1.20 at Bedrock betas and on all consoles and PC, the iron ores are difficult to find as they’re only found in new areas in the game.

The new update has changed the layout of the game and the spawn rate of blocks in the game. Framing iron has gotten even more accessible in this new update. They are found at even simpler locations now.

But if you still find iron in Minecraft 1.20 confusing, it’s okay. That’s why I have created this article for you, where I will help you locate and farm Iron in the new update 1.20 of Minecraft.

Minecraft Iron Minecraft 1.20
minecraft where is iron

What’s the best level for Iron in Minecraft 1.20?

Before the update, you could farm iron blocks in every cave, or you had to do some digging to get the iron. But now the new update has made it more accessible. Let’s UNDERSTAND THE GAME’S GEOGRAPHY before I get into where you can find the iron.

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The world of Minecraft has a horizontal and vertical axis. The horizontal measurement is called the X-axis. The vertical height is called the Altitude.

The highest altitude is the Y-Level 320. If you start stacking blocks on the y-axis, you can stack up to 320 blocks. The lowest altitude is the Y-level -64.

Iron spawns in all levels in the Y-axis from Y-level -36 to Y-level 320. You will mostly find iron below the surface. The closer you are to Y-level 15, the more iron you find.

Iron is a very durable block in the game, and you can use it to craft.

  • Weapons 
  • Armor 

Since stone weapons are much weaker than iron, make iron a vital block to collect.  That’s all on where you can find iron in Minecraft’s new 1.20 update. I hope this helps you understand where you can find them.