Path Of Exile: Where Is Prisoner’s Gate?

Are you wondering where the Prisoner’s Gate is in the Path of Exile? Rest assured I will guide you to the location of the Prisoner’s Gate in Path of Exile.

Path of Exile is an action role-playing video game. This is a first-person shooter game. The main concept of the game is that the players have to survive while being exiled.

The game is divided into ten acts. The game is quite long and will take you several hours to complete. The Prisoner’s Gate is located in Act 2 of the game.

Prisoner’s Gate Location in Path Of Exile

Prisoners Gate POE

Prisoner’s Gate is an Area in Act One of Path of Exile. The Prisoner’s Gate is an area that has a waypoint. It is connected to the 

  • Upper Prison
  • The Ship Graveyard
  • The Western Forest

The upper prison is not accessible from the Prisoner’s Gate direction.

You can directly activate the waypoint of the Prisoner’s Gate, which is near the Axion Prison’s exit by killing Brutus. From the waypoint, there is a road which leads north to the Western Forest area which is in Act 2.

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The exit is then guarded by Piety, who will block your path by activating a thaumaturgical barrier. All will then have to complete the quest “The Way Forward” in order to deactivate the barrier.

  • ID: 1_1_8
  • Act: 1
  • Area Level: 10 
  • Area Type Tags:
    • Inland 
    • Axis 
  • Vaal Side Areas: Remote Gulch
  • Quests: “The Way Forward”
  • Monsters: 
    • Ungulath 
    • The Burning Menace
    • Bearded Devil 
    • Bearded Shamon 
    • Flame Hellion 
    • Gravel Eater
  • Movement Skills
    • Leap Slam 
    • Lightning Warp

That’s all for the location of the prisoner’s Gate in Path of Exile, hope it cleared all your queries.

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