[New] Mobile Legends Adventure Codes (Nov. 2022)

Mobile Legends Adventure Codes are mainly a nifty little way of getting Diamonds for free and Summon Scrolls in this role-playing game. So here is a suggestion for every user that you should go through the entire list to find out every detailed information which you are able to claim for free also in 2022.

Mobile Legends Adventure: Overview

Mobile Legends Adventure Game is mainly a very simple RPG and the redemption codes also make it easier. The Mobile Legends Adventure Game presents always a story that is based on an idle RPG experience and it also features characters from the popular mobile MOBA.

Now 20 accessible codes are available in this Mobile Legends Adventure Game where users are also able to claim free rewards which range from Diamonds and Summon Scrolls to Monthly Pass coupons and Battle Points.

mobile legends adventure codes

The Accessible Codes for Mobile Legends:Adventure Game

Name of the CodeRewards
6D92BD2228GYou will get 500 Diamonds
TRPW762228NYou will get 500 Diamonds
VVRTASYou will get 500 Diamonds
RJYCD3You will get 500 Diamonds
KQY7LXYou will get 500 Diamonds
3NVCDRYou will get 500 Diamonds
VNEKZHYou will get 500 Diamonds
YEHQKSYou will get 500 Diamonds
YCZ8MRYou will get 500 Diamonds
7YQM6GYou will get 500 Diamonds
EAKSUY228CYou will get 300 Diamonds
GU4PRSYou will get 1000 Diamonds
K54G8BYou will get 500 Diamonds
L2WGN8You will get 500 Diamonds
QR2GYJYou will get 500 Diamonds
MLA9453You will get 777 Diamonds, 2 Summon Scrolls, 100000 Battle Points
WS8DYD22286You will get 500 Diamonds
CUNZJZ22274You will get 500 Essence, 10 Summon Scrolls and 1 Pass Coupon
6OQGJ7You will get 500 Diamonds
8TKYE8You will get 500 Diamonds
03PSBHYou will get 400 Diamonds
MLAISFIREYou will get 400 Diamonds
MLAISLITYou will get 400 Diamonds
SZYP34You will get 400 Diamonds
DPW4TBYou will get 400 Diamonds
CGUNBA22264You will get 400 Diamonds

The Full List of Expired Codes for Mobile Legends: Adventure Game

Name of the CodesRewards
MLAXMPLYou will get 300 Diamonds
BFU77C22263You will get 300 Diamonds
VANOSS415You can get 300 Diamonds
WJDZYG2227DYou can get 300 Diamonds
PTFCPC22289You are able to get 500 Diamonds
Z9D9A622288You are able to get 1000 Diamonds, 10 premium Summon Scrolls and 500 Advance Essence
KP38N2228F              –
CK3VEF2228D              –
NEWERA0429              –
99WMXM2228H              –
XMASFUN689You are able to get 1000 Diamonds, 10 premium summon scrolls
MBZHQSYou are able to get 1000 Diamonds
HJPHU222277You are able to get 500 Diamonds
TNEEY822275You are able to get 500 Diamonds
5TS2JD22262You are able to get 500 Diamonds
KB7LF7You are able to get 500 Diamonds
DKMEQF2225WYou are able to get 500 Diamonds
TBBVUAYou are able to get 500 Diamonds
888888You are able to get free rewards
5WYYQZYou are able to get free rewards
XSGXZJYou are able to get free rewards
SUMMER777You are able to get free rewards
HOTMLAYou are able to get free rewards
U6PTKZ2224VYou are able to get free rewards
R3Z428You are able to get free rewards
MLAFBFANYou are able to get free rewards
MLA1YEARYou are able to get free rewards
MLAFBGOYou are able to get free rewards
AKAKURO77You are able to get free rewards
MQS9SEYou are able to get free rewards
M6GUU5                     –
00NATAN00                     –
MLMLA0908                     –
549DN2223W                     –
2QL6WU                     –
GJ4HUF                     –
EV4UTW2223U                     –
47BWK42223S                     –
8G763N22239                    –
AU5ZWR22248                    –
47BWK42223S                    –
8G763N22239                    –
MLADISCORD                    –
MLAHPBD1                    –
MLAISFIRE                    –
MLAIG500K                    –
MLAXMAS                    –
MLMLA0908                    –
SUKNBJ2223M                    –

How You Can Redeem Mobile Legends: Adventure Codes

If you want to redeem the code for Mobile Legends: Adventure then you need to follow an easy process.

At first, you have to start your gaming device and you need to click on the Event button on the Main Menu you will be able to find this on the left side of the screen of your device.

Then from the newly opened Page, you have to tap on the Notice Board icon and then click on the Redeem CD key on the left side and you will be able to see a new window with a Text Box.

Then at last you have to just write or copy the name of the codes and press the confirm button to redeem your free rewards.

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