How To Find Great Jar and Defeat Three Knights

There are lots of quests and challenges in the Elden Ring that player needs to complete in order to progress in the game. Once the player exits the Deep Siofra Well and enters the Caelid in the dangerous regions of the game.

You will encounter the NPC called giant jar outside the Caelid you will see him first time from the top cliff. There are multiple challenges that players need to complete in order to reach Gaint Jar.

If you’re looking for the preferred guide then you’re on the correct platform here we featured a piece of information that covers how you can find and complete the Great Jar challenge to get the reward.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

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Great Jar Location in Caelid

You will find Great Jar resetting in the circle at the top of the castle in the northern direction of Caelid. Most importantly if you try to jump from the cliff to reach him you will die so you need to follow a certain path in order to reach the Great Jar.

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For this, you need to go underneath the Siofra River Well and you can enter it from the elevator available near the Minor Erdtree in Mistwood.

After that, you need to follow the north direction path at the lower level for some time until you see an elevator ( to activate the elevator you need to spend 2x Stonesword Keys ) use them to reach on top of Caelid

At the top of the Caelid you will find the Deep Siofra Well Site of Grace from its you need to move to the west/northwest direction and after travelling some distance you will reach the Big spot. Once read the perfect location the Great Jar will summon its three knights that you need to defeat to unlock the Great Jar’s Arsenal.

How To Kill All Three Knights of Great Jar

Basically, you don’t need to kill the Great Jar you only need to defeat its three knights. More importantly, make sure to take all health flasks because all three are stronger opponents and you need to defeat these three knights one by one after that you can interact with Great Jar and unlock the Great-Jar’s Arsenal.

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More importantly, you need to kill all three knights in a single go means if you kill one knight and go to the Site of Grace and then return to the knight you defeated will respawn again.

All the knights have different build means with the HP restoring flash and defeating these knights is hard for some players. But with the perfect weapons and strategy, you can defeat them.

Once you defeat all three knights you will then talk to the Great Jar and he will give you the Great Jar’s Arsenal Talisman. The benefit of this reward is it can boost your Max Equip Load by 19% and it can be very helpful for the low-weight players.

This is sum up for the Great Jar Elden Ring guide for more helpful content do read our Elden Ring Guides.

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