Mortal Shell Guide: How to Find Glimpses

Hey fellow gamers! Are you ready for some exciting rewards? You heard that right. Glimpses are a kind of special money or equipment you can acquire during your gaming journey in Mortal Shell. Stick around until the end, and we’ll explore everything about what Glimpses are and how you can obtain them.

What Are Glimpses?

Glimpses are like a special type of money in Mortal Shell. They help you unlock abilities for your Shells and are mainly used for equipment upgrades. They’re rare to find, but you can obtain them by defeating enemies or using special items in your inventory.

Remember, Glimpses are tied to each specific Shell. If you switch to a different Shell, the Glimpses remain with that Shell and don’t transfer to another one. Once you’ve unlocked everything for a Shell, a character named Sester Genessa will offer weapons for sale, and you’ll use Glimpses to purchase the items you’ve been wanting.

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How to Farm Glimpses in Mortal Shell?

You can often find larger packs of Glimpses in chests near brigand camps, frog-shaped chests in Fallgrim, or as rewards for defeating bosses in the Seat of Infinity, Crypt of Martyrs, and Shrine of Ash areas.

If those methods don’t seem to work, you’ll need to collect Glimpses as random drops in the game. Enemies in Mortal Shell might drop Glimpses occasionally when you defeat them. So, the simplest way to get more Glimpses is to defeat many enemies in and around Fallgrim.

There are also more certain ways to gather Glimpses. With the Harros shell (the first one you find in the game), if you unlock his “Accretion of Yearning” ability, enemies may drop more Glimpses than you expect.

Another way is to use an item called the Bronze Bell, which makes enemies eventually drop more Glimpses. Unfortunately, there are only four Bronze Bells in the game. So, if you’re lucky, you will get the most out of them.

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That’s all for our guide! Do you have any more questions about the game do check our Mortal Shell guides for more helpful content? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll be happy to assist you. Thanks for reading!

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