Mortal Shell How to Use Weapon Abilities

Hello fellow gamers! Are you searching for a guide to help you navigate the extensive gameplay of Mortal Shell? Even if you possess weapons but lack knowledge about how they function and their uniqueness, they’re of no use.

In this article, we’ll provide guidance on each weapon ability available in the game. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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All Weapon Abilities in Mortal Shell

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Following are all weapon abilities in Mortal Shell.

Hallowed Sword

1. Mechanical Spike

Upon using this weapon, a sharp point will extend from the sword, propelling the character forward to execute a powerful attack against opponents.

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2. Molten Spike

Activating this weapon causes a fiery spike to emerge beneath the sword, propelling the character forward to deal substantial damage and inflict a burning effect on enemies.

Hammer and Chisel

1. Perfumed Censer

Upon usage, the character swiftly lunges forward, inflicting significant damage on all nearby enemies.

2. Foul Censer

Upon activation, the character wields the powerful hammer to strike the chisel, creating a long-range attack that deals substantial damage to the initial target.

Martyr’s Blade

1. Petrified WinterGlass

Using the Martyr’s Blade results in it becoming icy and freezing enemies in close proximity upon attacking them.

2. Radiant WinterGlass

When triggered, the character leaps into the air, slamming the Martyr’s Blade into the ground and freezing nearby opponents for a duration.

Smoldering Mace

1. Awakened Stone

Upon activation, the character smashes the mace into the ground, creating a small area where enemies sustain significant damage and are burned.

2. Foundry Stone

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Activating the Smoldering Mace envelops it in flames, causing enemies to catch fire upon impact.

We’ve covered nearly all the weapons and their abilities you can employ while playing Mortal Shell. Let us know which weapon from the list is your favorite. Thanks for reading!

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