Harry Potter Magic Awakened History of Magic Answers

Harry Potter Magic Awakened RPG is a kind of actual version of the book and series. Where Harry Potter Magic Awakened players have to attend the Hogwarts Classes. After classes, they have to complete the quiz too. The quiz will take place in the History of Magic Class on Harry Potter Magic Awakened. History of Magic Class consists of ten questions. 

In Harry Potter Magic Awakened History of Magic Class has three different stages of difficulty. You can either participate in Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced. You can unlock a higher level of difficulty by completing the required tasks.

Also, you can decrease the difficulty level. In the Elementary stage, the difficulty level will be less than in the Intermediate stage. Also, Harry Potter Magic Awakened History questions are Trivia questions that will be shuffled every time. 

Harry Potter Magic Awakened: History of Magic Answers Elementary Level

At the Elementary level, the questions won’t be that hard and you might score high on this round. Here we have a list of questions and answers for the History of Magic class. 

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We have listed down the Harry Potter Magic Awakened History of Magic Answers in the given table for the Elementary level. 

History Magic Class Elementary questions Answers 
Which thing is used to track House Points for the Hogwarts House Cup?Hourglass filled with gems.
From which word did the Mirror of Erised get its name?Desire
What was Gilderoy Lockhart’s best Spell?Obliviate
Which Ghost Haunts the Girls’ Bathroom at Hogwarts?“Moaning” Myrtle Warren
Who is the Half-Blood Prince?Severus Snape
Which dark magic item is known as the friend of thieves?Hand of Glory
Who is Dobby’s original owner?Lucius Malfoy
In 1997, what was written on the statue at the Ministry of Magic under Voldemort’s control?Magic is Might
How did Harry first arrive at the Dursleys house on 4 Privet Drive?Flying Motorbike
Which core did Harry’s first wand possess?Phoenix Feather
Which character has left the lightning-shaped scar on Harry Potter’s forehead?Voldemort
Who killed Sirius Black?Bellatrix Lestrange
How many siblings does Ron Weasley have?Six
What form does the Weasley Twins’ Patronus take?Magpie
What reward will receive the house with the highest score?House Cup
Who did not compete in the Triwizard Tournament?Fred
At which location did Dumbledore and Grindelwald make the Blood Pact?Barn
What was Sirius Black’s furry alter ego known as?Padfoot
Which was the creature that sat in the corner of Professor Lupin’s office when Harry Potter first time visited him at Hogwarts?Grindylow
What subject does Headmistress McGonagall teach?Transfiguration
Which information Professor Snape shared with Harry could Detoxify people from most kinds of poisons?Bezoar
Which Type of pest repellant was Hagrid looking for when saw Harry in Knockturn Alley?Flesh-Eating Slugs
What was the name of where Weasleys used to live, which became a second home to Harry Potter?The Burrow
Who from the list was not a classmate of Harry Potter?Fleur Delacour
Where did Harry Potter locate with his muggle relatives the Dursleys?Privet Drive
Who was Harry Potter’s godfather?Sirius Black
What was Harry Potter’s middle name?James,
Where was Harry born?Godric’s Hollow
Who is known as the “Chosen One”?Harry Potter
Which curse was Harry Potter the only known survivor of?Avada Kedavra
Which of the Hippogriff Buckbeak called when he returned to Hogwarts?Witherwing
Which fluffy creature hums when it’s happy and likes to stick its tongue up Wizards’ noses?Puffskein
What creatures feed on the human brain and help Newt Scamander escape?Swooping Evil
Which thing is used to track House Points for the Hogwarts House Cup?Hourglass filled with gems.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened: History of Magic Answers: Intermediate Level 

In Intermediate, the questions might be more difficult than the Elementary level. You have to answer the 10 questions in History Class Questions. 

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We have listed Harry Potter Magic Awakened History of Magic Answers in the given table. 

History Magic Class Intermediate questions Answers 
How did Fred and George Weasley use to spy on Order of the Phoenix meetings?Extendable Ears
What London station does the Hogwarts Express depart from?King’s Cross Station
What job does Luna Lovegood’s father hold?Editor of “The Quibbler”
According to Hagrid, what was the safest place in the Wizarding World other than Hogwarts?Gringotts
Dittany, mixed with this ingredient, can cure a Werewolf bite.Powdered Silver
What did Xenophilius Lovegood believe Billywig’s wings could induce?An elevated frame of mind.
What is the name of the British Ministry of Magic’s high court of law and parliament?Wizengamot
Name of the House-Eld that once served Barty Crouch Senior?Winky
What department at Hogwarts Professor Sprout the head?Herbology
“Lemon Drop” is the password to whose office?Dumbledore
Which Magical Creature was left The crop circles in Muggle Legends?Mooncalf
What is the emblem of St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries?A wand cross with a bone
Which tail did Hagrid make Dudley grow because the Dursleys were rude?Pig tail
Why did students initially think Harry was the Heir of Slytherin?He can speak Parseltongue
What did Regulus Black become after he died?Inferi
Where did Dumbledore meet Tom Riddle for the first time?Wool’s Orphanage
What did Boggart reveal Seamus Finnigan’s worst fear to be?Banshee
Which one on the list is not a founder of Hogwarts?Helena Ravenclaw
The name of Neville Longbottom’s pet toad?Trevor
What did Hermione use to help heal Ron’s arm when it got splinched?Essence of Dittany
Fow which company Vernon Dursley worked for?Grunnings
Who destroyed the Horcrux in Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup?Hermione Granger
Which character kidnaped Mad-Eye Moody just before the Triwizard Tournament?Bartemius Crouch Junior
On Which animal did Ginny joke that Ron had tattooed on his body?Pygmy Puff
What dragon did Cedric Diggory face in the first task of the Triwizard Tournament?Swedish Short-Snout
Who infected Remus Lupin with Lycanthropy?Fenrir Greyback
Which character was the sister of Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange?Narcissa Malfoy
By which Nickname of Remus Lupin is known by his friends?Moony
Which was the correct way to open the Monster Book of Monsters?Stroke the spine
From the following list of books was not written by Rita Skeeter?Easy Spells to fool Muggles
What effect does diluted Swooping Evil venom have?Erases bad memories
How many Knuts equal one Sickle?29
The piece of equipment is essential while repotting baby Mandrakes?Earmuffs
Which was the protest Fred and George used against Dolores Umbridge’s authority?Weasleys Wildfire Whiz-bangs
What are the titles or identities that have not been held by Harry Potter?SPEW Treasurer
From the given list which was not a breed of Dragon faced by the Triwizard Tournament Champions?Norwegian Ridgeback
Which character spoke at Aragog’s funeral?Horace Slughorn
What character has mastered a wand with a Thestral tail hair core?One who has faced death
Which finger Peter Pettigrew was missing?Right index finger
How did Dumbledore bequeath to Ron?Deluminator
From the list who was the last of Voldemort’s Horcruxes to be destroyed?Nagini
While Harry Potter was learning the Patronus Charm, which happy memory did he initially use?The first time he rode a broom
Which character lied to Voldemort during the final battle by proclaiming that Harry Potter was dead?Narcissa Malfoy
From the given options, who served as a Hufflepuff Prefect?Ernie Macmillan
Which magical plant appears to have floating fruit?Dirigible Plum
At which location was the first meeting of Dumbledore’s Army?Hog’s Head Inn
Which was connected by the Floo Network, creating a mode of transportation for Witches and Wizard?Fireplaces
Which character does Harry encounter in the Prefect’s bathroom?Moaning Myrtle
Hermione finds out that the Basilisk was moving around the castle with what?The Plumbing
Which character slayed Bellatrix Lestrange?Molly Weasley
What did Hermione say to Ron that has the emotional range of?A teaspoon
The three D’s of Apparition do not include from the below.Dimension
Harry uses Parseltongue to speak to which of the creatures?Snake
What is Draco Malfoy’s wand crafted of?Hawthorne
Which was the Wizarding school Gellert Grindelwald attended?Durmstrang Institute
What ghost does Peeve fear?Bloody Baron
Who did Professor Lupin marry?Nyphadora Tonks
What house was Moaning Myrtle sorted into?Ravenclaw
On what day do some of the staircases of Hogwarts Castle lead to a different?Friday
Which of these creatures is notably proud and easy to offend if not treated politely?Hippogriff
Who was the author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?Newt Scamander
Which was the dragon that Fleur Delacour faced in the first task of the Triwizard Tournament?Welsh Green
Which is the Wizarding World publication that holds a series about the Crumple-Horned Snorkack?The Quibbler
The Blast-Ended Skrewt is a hybrid of a Fire Crab and other things.Manticore
Which of the following is not a Horcrux?Elder Wand
Who was Ron’s first girlfriend?Lavender Brown
What did Harry Potter’s aunt and uncle mention about his parent’s death?In a traffic accident

Harry Potter Magic Awakened: History of Magic Answers Advanced Level 

If you have selected Advanced level difficulty then you might face these questions in the History of Magic quiz. The questions will be far tougher than the Elementary and Intermediate tier. But, you can switch to either Intermediate or Elementary level difficulty.

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We have listed Harry Potter Magic Awakened History of Magic Answers of Advanced Level. 

History Magic Class Advanced Questions Answers

When a magical creature is classified as XXX by the Ministry of Magic what does it mean?
Competent Wizards Should Cope
Who destroyed the Horcrux in Helga Hufflpuff’s Cup?Hermione Granger
What is the meaning of X classification of magical creatures?Boring
What kind of creature is Newt’s companion, Pickett?Bowtruckle
What barrel do you need to tap to enter the Hufflepuff common room?Two from the Bottom, Middle of the Second Row
Which was the dragon that Fleur Delacour faced in the first task of the Triwizard Tournament?Welsh Green
Where is the Hall of Prophecy?Ministry of Magic
You may have heard that Luna Lovegood wears shoes to bed, but does anyone know the reason?She sleepwalks
Who was expelled from Hufflepuff House?Newt Scamander
Who was the Rook in the Chessboard Chamber?Hermione Granger
What magical artefact creates the Elixir of Life?Philosopher’s Stone
Which creature was cured by the tears of Phoenix? Basilisk
What is the shape of the knocker on the door to the Ravenclaw Common Room?Eagle
Where is the Slytherin Common Room?The Dungeons
What did the Dursleys give Harry for Christmas in his first year at Hogwarts?Fifty Pence
Who was the creature that was used in Quidditch before being replaced by the Golden Snitch?Golden Snidget
In the Triwizard Tournament, who escorted Hermione to the Yule Ball?Viktor Krum
What’s Nearly Headless Nick’s real name?Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington
What magical plant did Luna Lovegood have growing at home?Dirigible Plums
How did Mad-Eye Moody punish Draco Malfoy for trying to Hex Harry?He turned Draco into a ferret.
What name was Harry Potter using while he was captured at Malfoy Manor by the Death Eaters?Vernon Dudley
From the given options which is not a species of dragon?Finnish Flamethrower
Which thing determines the House for each first-year student?The Sorting Hat
What was the reason that the student thought that Harry Was the Heir of Slytherin?He can speak Parseltongue.
How many Deathly Hallows did Albus Dumbledore possess?Three


We have listed questions and answers for the Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced levels for the History of Magic Class. In the History of Magic class, you clear the exam. There will be 10 questions. It’s an MCQ-based question and answers, you have to select the appropriate answers from four options. Harry Potter Magic Awakened History of Magic class required a perfect score of 400, between the group of three.