My Singing Monsters: How Do You Breed Strombonin

My Singing Monster is a video game that allows users to create their own creatures that produce their own tunes and sounds. The game concentrates upon breeding various types of monsters in order to collect them all and compose a great melodious symphony. 

Many different types and kinds of monsters can be bred and awakened in the game, but one of the rarest is a monster called the Strombonin similar to Ghazt. The Strombonin is a mythical class monster, and while it does possess characteristics of a fire monster.

It can be found inhabiting the floating ice that freely drifts within the chilling waters of the Cold Island. The Strombonin is commonly discovered with another monster, a rare snail known as the Strombone.

How to Breed a Strombonin in My Singing Monsters

how to breed strombonin
how to breed strombonin

Cold Island 

If you want to play on Cold Island, you must breed a Spunge and a Bowgart and hope for the best. Keep in mind, though, that merging these two distinct triple-element monsters can produce either of them.

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Furthermore, if they are accessible at the time of breeding, this particular combination can result in a Rare Potbelly or a Rare Toe Jammer. 

Mythical Island

To get a Strombonin on the Mythical Island, first you’ll need to hatch it on Cold Island and feed it until it reaches level 15. After that, choose your Strombonin and teleport it to Mythical Island. 

Once you have obtained your Strombonin on the fabled Island, you must breed it with another fabled monster known as Cataliszt. This will produce an egg, which will hatch into another Cataliszt or Strombonin.

And that’s how to breed Strombonin in My Singing Monsters as I’ll see you in the next guide of My Singing Monsters.