Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: How to reach Hateno Village

Hateno Village is one of the precious locations of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. where you can find Inns, an East Wind General store, an armor shop, and also a dye shop. Also, the cool weather of Hateno Village Location Totk makes it perfect to raise livestock such as dairy products.

Other than that, you will meet people of Hateno Village and have to complete some of the side quests and adventures to complete the Hateno Village: Tears of the Kingdom.  

Let’s find out all about Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Hateno Village. 

hateno village location totk

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Hateno Village Location 

Hateno is not some hidden location of Zelda: Totk, it’s located in Lanayru Region,  Southeastern Hyrule. you can get there by following south from Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower. From there you have to cross a few mountains and head for the Central Hyrule. further, this coordinate can lead you to Hateno Village: 3608, -2163,0176. 

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When you get there you will notice the mushroom in the Hateno Village and also Hylian are settled there and wearing Mushroom hats too.  

Quest and Adventure in Hateno Village in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

There are three adventures and many side quests in Hateno Village in Zelda: Totk. The first adventure is The Mayoral Race where you need to complete the election quest. After that, there are some Miscellaneous Hateno Village quests. and at last, there is a Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. 

Let’s discuss in brief Hateno Village The Mayoral Race

Hateno Village: The Mayoral Race

The Mayoral Race is the main side quest in the Hateno Village Zelda: Totk. To activate the Mayoral Race you have to reach the clothing shop in the village – where you will find the NPC. Now, a cinematic will play and you will be introduced to Cece. Now, your first quest is to begin in the Hateno Village. 

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Go through the table to know about Hateno Village Mayoral Race Quest. 

Quest NameLocationNPCTask
Team Cece or Team ReedeCece’s Shop CeceCollect and distribute 8 mushrooms to villagers
A New Signature FoodReede’s HouseReedeReede wanted an ingredient to win the Election for that you have to complete A Letter to Koyin
A Letter to Koyin Hateno Pasture KoyinFirst, you have to collect the bottle from the lake, where you will find Koyin, in the bottle there will be a recipe for Cheese. Further, return to Reede to complete the Reede’s Quest – A New Signature Food. 
Cece’s Secret Cece’s ShopSophie – Cece’s SisterYou have to spy on Cece and find out where Cese roams at night. 
Reede’s SecretReede’s HouseClavia – Reede’s WifeYou have to spy on Reede and figure out what Reede does in a shed 
The Mayoral ElectionCece’s ShopSophie Sit back and wait for the election results

That’s all for the Mayoral Election quest, you have to just complete the quest related to Cece and Reede and wait for the election results. Now, that’s not all in Hateno Village. There are further many quests and adventures for you in Hateno Village. We have listed down the quest, you can find them in the village and complete them.

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Miscellaneous quest in Hateno Village

  1. Teach Me a Lesson: Part 1 
  2. Teach Me a Lesson: Part 2
  3. Uma’s Garden
  4. A New Champion’s Tunie
  5. Dantz’s Prize Cows
  6. Manny’s Beloved
  7. Photographing A Chuchu
  8. Homegrown in Hateno 
  9. Hateno Village Research Lab
  10. Presenting: The Travel Medallion
  11. Presenting: Hero’s Path Mode
  12. Presenting: Sensor+
  13. Filling Out the Compendium 


That’s it, now you have completed the Hateno Village region. You can reach it by heading to Lanayru Region. Where you have to take part in the quest to solve the Mayoral Election quest. There are a series of quests you need to complete before that. Further, there is a side quest for you to complete in the Hateno Village Zelda.