Why is Overwatch 2 PVE Cancelled? Explained

Overwatch just released the biggest news drop of the year and it’s going to disappoint a lot of you. The endlessly replayable PVE experience that they have talked about at different times seems to be fully scrapped.

The scale of the PVE they originally envisioned is gone completely; however, there is a new seasonal road map to know what we are actually getting. Instead, the PVE is going to be split into story missions where season six which is two seasons away, we’ll finally be getting our first version of that.

Why is Overwatch 2 PVE Cancelled

Overwatch 2 PVE
Blizzard Entertainment

If you remember way back when Kotaku leaked the PVE for Overwatch 2 was rumoured to be like Left 4 Dead gameplay then Over Blizzcon and Blizzcon Line explained that there’s  going to be endlessly replayable missions.

Which will require them to have an RPG system that it seems like they’re not going to execute on. In a way, this is a downside but it might be much more reasonable to expect that because how do you have an RPG game with Overwatch heroes feel replayable without gear because you want your heroes to have their unique playstyle? 

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Despite that bad news, there’s a lot of good news for PvP players because that’s the thing they feel like they know how to do and are giving us much more of. In season five and beyond.

We’re getting a 5v5 mini comp season, flashpoint game mode, hero mastery mission, firing rand update, new tank hero, new winter event, roadhog rework, the fire systems returning and there’s going to be a creator workshop mode with a mischief and magic theme.

That’s everything for the upcoming road map so we know what Overwatch 2 pipeline is going to look like. Are you disappointed that PvE is revamped or does this seem like a more approachable game that might be playable, let me know in the comment section.