Overwatch 2: Unexpected Server Error How To Fix

Are you also frustrated by the annoying error labelled “Unexpected server Error” on your favorite game, Overwatch 2, and want to return to enjoying the game? Well, don’t worry. I have created a guide for you on how to fix these errors.

Server errors in online games are no new thing, and bugs in the game cause these troubles. These bugs can range from minor to colossal. The unexpected server error is one of the minor issues. 

The unexpected server error prevents the players from joining the game’s server and causes them not to be able to play the game. This is usually because of internet or connectivity issues. 

Unexpected Server Error OW2
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

How To Fix the Unexpected Server Error in Overwatch 2?

You can fix the unexpected server error in Overwatch 2 in several ways. Try whatever works best to fix this error: 

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Restart the Game 

The first and foremost fix is to restart to make sure the error isn’t just a temporary one. 

Start restarting Overwatch 2 on a PC or Console, which you can do simply by closing the game and then opening it again a minute or two later. 

Restart your PC or Console

Also, if that doesn’t work, restart your PC or Console on which you are playing Overwatch 2 by just shutting down your PC or Console and opening it again. 

Internet connection 

Not that you have restarted the game and your console or Pc to ensure the problem is not on your end, check your internet connection. You must check if the internet connection connected to your PC or Console is stable.

Firstly, restart your internet by replugging the router. Unplug your router and then replug it a few seconds later. You can also contact your server provider if you face unstable internet issues.

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Change to a Different DNS PC only

If you have tried all the above, but the game is still showing that error on your PC, you can try to change your DNS to a different one on your PC. to do:

  • Open the control box by pressing “WIN+R.” 
  • Type in the control box “ncpa.cpl.” 
  • When network connections appear, right-click on your internet connection. 
  • There, you will have to select “Properties.” 
  • Double-click on “Internet Protocol Version 4.”
  • Now select the “Use the following DNS server addresses” option 
  • Type in for “Prefered DNS server” or for “Alternative DNS server.”
  • Once that is done, click “okay” and restart your PC.

Hopefully, this will work, and you can play Overwatch 2 on your PC without error. 

Reinstall Overwatch 2

If none of the above methods work, your last resort is to reinstall Overwatch 2. Ensure your game data is saved so you don’t lose any progress. 

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How to reinstall Overwatch 2  on a PC 

  • Head to the battle.net app.
  • Then click on “Overwatch 2.”
  • Go to the cogwheel labeled “Options.”
  • Now click on Uninstall.” 
  • And then reinstall it once it is uninstalled. 

How to reinstall Overwatch 2 on Xbox Console 

  • First, open My Games and Apps.
  • Search for “Overwatch 2” and click on the menu button.
  • Select the “uninstall” option.

How to reinstall Overwatch 2 in PlayStation Consoles

  • Open your PlayStation console and search for Overwatch 2.
  • Press the options button.
  • There, select “Delete.”

That’s all on how you can fix the unexpected server error in Overwatch 2 hope these methods help to fix this error, and you can go back to enjoying and playing the game.

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