Overwatch Tier List: Best Heroes (2024)

Overwatch is still one of the most successful competitive games similar to Apex Legends and League of Legends. The game has lots of playable characters based on their skills and abilities.

Here is the tier list of all heroes characters in Overwatch ranked in order from strongest to weakest. In this tier list, we have organized the heroes based on their versatility, damage out, and survival rate as per the current meta in the game.

In this list, the S Tier has all the strongest heroes and the D tier has the weakest.

S TierWrecking Ball, Zarya, Reinhardt, Lúcio, Zenyatta, McCree, Tracer
A TierAshe, Baptiste, Mercy, Echo, Ana, Brigitte, Moira, Orisa.
B Tier Roadhog, D.Va, Hanzo, Junkrat, Mei, Sigma, Symmetra, Winston,Torbjörn
C Tier 4Genji, Pharah, Widowmaker, Sombra, Soldier 76
D Tier Bastion, Doomfist

S Tier: Hero Characters

overwatch heros list
Image via Blizzard Entertainment


For the past few months now, Wrecking Ball has been solid. Most main tanks are currently struggling a little, but even despite nerves, the group of Overwatch seems to have started to understand how to handle the hamster. He is a hero that circles the current meta.

He’s the most chosen Grandmaster, and why is it not difficult to see. Hammond is unchallenged if a tank job is to build space. He is incompatible with his tendency to shift and distort the opposite front and backline. Despite his recent nerve to book power, any team that tries to set its place has always been devastated.

The only real disadvantage is that he is a person who only gets very nice in time. Specific roll-outs and map awareness are important to him. Besides, it can be very thin between feeding the brains and breaking up a team. But there are few, if any, characters that are as strong as him today if you learn your way around the little guy.


Zarya is a high-level player off-tank of choice. Her synergy is very good with Wrecking Ball. She can blast the hamster-like Winston/Zarya pairings in the past and gets free of charge while shielding it from any crowd control.

Graviton Surge remains one of the toughest finals in the game too and incorporates many powerful skills your team would probably deliver. A team battle in the majority of cases is won by a combo of Pulse Bomb from Tracer or Wrecks Ball’s Minefield. Neither do these involve great coordination, so in games with limited communication, it should be fine.

Zarya also gives massive damage if she’s fully loaded and it isn’t too difficult to maintain with so many dives coming into the current meta. If Zarya is glowing, no matter what she is up against she will be hard to burn and stand up with.

Reinhardt and Winston are both on the move and are also known for their good farewell. This makes her one of the most flexible top levels picks and one of the easiest ones to climb on. She’s amazing at everything the present meta’s going to throw her at.


Reinhardt flew the pick rates quite recently. While his slower play may seem counterproductive to a Wrecking Ball, his counterplay is also nice. Recently, Wrecking Ball has seen a nerve of 25% for his blowjob. He is already reduced by 30 percent with Reinhardt’s passive Steadfast ability. But the hamster’s going to move him around for a hard time.

The poor frontline created by the wrecking ball can also be used for an offensive Reinhardt. If Reinhardt can get in, get a room and smack the opponent’s team until the Ball gets worth effectively, the hamster won’t have anything to help or money.

Although a coordinated dive team is probably a bit better, right now it’s easy to get value from Reinhardt, especially if you want to be aggressive. Although it is a bit early to get him to the peak, Reinhardt could dismantle Ball’s grip on the meta in a couple of months.


His abilities in the current meta are not all he wants. His most powerful attribute is his Speed Boost, and the characters try to use it.

Without it, Tracer and Wrecking Ball will be all right behind the enemy. With little use, he only puts a relatively low level of healing, an enormous issue when combined with Zenyatta. However, if the popularity of Reinhardt/Zarya continues to increase, its stocks will rise.


Typically, Overwatch is good if Tracer is high in meta. As you can see, Overwatch is right now in a good place. Tracer’s cooldowns are so high sometimes that she gets a big value from being a nuisance in a skill-heavy economy. However, if a skill is lost or a role error has to be made, she can still be a killer at a time.

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Tracer is flourishing in mobile computers which are violent and are currently highly on cards. Her power has been very stable, but her heroes are also very strong at the moment. They could dive opponents and clean up poor heroes with Wrecking Ball, and they also coordinate with Zenyatta and his Discord Orb.

She is also autonomous, allowing healers and tanks to take control of front and back lines rather than resource conservation. The meta favours chaotic confusion at the moment and Tracer loves to be in that room. If you can spot these moments, the battlefield would be dominated by your Tracer.


McCree is Tracer’s ideal DPS partner. Though mobile damage is linked to an ever-disrupting wrecking ball, McCree is an ideal choice to apply pressure and to punish the players who are displaced.

A stable and highly damaging stream provides McCree. He doesn’t even need a lot of money to pop up. He is independent on the battlefield; much of his staff creates opportunities for him. He does not have to overcommit himself either, so he is safe in the middle as long as you are patient.

His stunned hard counters now several powerful heroes elsewhere. Whether it is a Wrecking Ball or a flanking tracer, McCree has a way to handle the confusion and disorder that is so strong today. He’s a good hero trying to ride alone.


For several factors, Zenyatta is in a good position. Due to the influence of the characters around him, his Discord Orb is still oppressive. By putting a discord on a goal, Zen can easily call shots. This serves as a green light to dive and decimate all these mobile heroes.

In other areas, the Omnic thrives as there are fewer shields in the game that simplify the application of its orbs. This orb also finds the tracer and wrecking ball, which are possibly deeper in a backline enemy.

As always, Transcendence remains one of the most powerful last in the game, especially when there are so many Zarya Graviton Surges.

A Tier: Hero Character

Image via Blizzard Entertainment


After her release, Echo has been strong and she is still strong. She can produce loads of damage, fly and have one of the wildest supermarkets in the game. Her performance damage options are enormous, in particular by throwing a Mercy pocket at her.

The real problem now with Echo is that hits such as Ashe, Widow, and McCree are heavy. You must play her with caution so that she’s not purchased in the middle of the flight. She is a hero to master now mechanically harder and you will have to pick your moment to carry you to the skies, as her heavy counters are prevalent right now.

But the harmful capacity of their Focused Beam and poker choices is almost limitless. If the Echo has an inch, she will take the entire field may be more than anyone else. It is just a matter of finding the centimetres.


Mercy Hero
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Mercy is Zenyatta’s most popular partner, although the main supporting role is performed by characters far more fairly.

But for a few important reasons, Mercy takes the cake right now. Although it lacks some of the raw healing power of other aids, it is reliable and difficult to distinguish. It’s much more avoidable and hardy to dive into compared to most other supports. Her tendency to avoid an attack makes it a hard target to pin down a Wrecking Ball or Tracer.

Moreover, she’s Zenyatta’s successful partner. Mercy can increase its damage and shield it from healing dives as well. It’s time to hit his shots or to support the rest of the squad. Even if he falls, a regeneration will cancel an enemy’s good plunge.

Besides, the hitscan or “key damage dealer” on the team can also be pocketed. She can swim between the team roles if necessary. The reality is.

Ashe watchover
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Ashe offers an option on the hits to McCree. Between Widowmaker and McCree, she is a great middle-ground hero. She has more remote capacity for killing than McCree and she is punished slightly more than a widow.

But she’s still very diveable and because of the current target, she has dropped a little out of favour. In most cases, only the widows or the McCree and not the midpoint hybrid would be committed.

Its possible damage is enormous, however, and Bob can be a destructive force. A well-positioned BB will press on a point and backline that a team cannot deal with, because of weaker front lines and fewer shields.


Although she can put herself against a destructive tank such as Wrecking Ball, she can also bully the rest of her squad. The other team’s fast pace is almost always around her.


Ana is also one of the most important advocates of future healing during the game. Her performance is amazing and a strong Ana will keep her team alive. Her biotic pomegranate remains one of the most strong and infinite talents, which inspires her team and equally discourages her competitor. It also denies the transcendence of Zenyatta, which is now everywhere.

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The biggest problem is that when combined with Zenyatta she makes an extremely diveable backline. With Wrecking Ball and Tracer running the upheaval right now, Ana has to go with her Sleep Dart to avoid the heavy pressure on the backline. She and Zenyatta might be toasting if she misses. If she hits, the diving character’s death penalty.


MOIRA struggles with more than this meta, it is difficult to design. Its ability to heal many aims at once is best, and that is a lot more difficult to do if you have an all-over-the-place wrecking ball and tracer. She could save the fade, but that’s all about it.


If you play Brigitte well for him, a Zenyatta will love you. He’s a nice object of diving, and Brigitte attempts to counteract this. If you use your Rocket Flail and shield stun, a Wrecking Ball and Tracer struggle with your Omnic pal.

All sounds amazing, right? Yeah, but it has a problem because the backline would possibly cure significantly lower than most when combined with Zenyatta. Because of the dive like the existence of the current meta, it can often fight to keep its Inspire healing constantly going.

If you assume that your team can do that, she’s a brainer. She will allow Zenyatta to be popped up consistently in so many ways. The enemy Wrecking Ball and Tracer would hate you too, and it is a good passive benefit, with how frustrating those characters can be for you to play against.


Rarely terribly was Baptiste. He has never found himself really out of favour since he was released. His healing efficiency is huge, but he can harm himself in large quantities. Most DPS duos will be given a running for their money by a Zenyatta and Baptiste pair.

Zenyatta is still covered by the Field of Immortality, but this may be its greatest vulnerability. He and Zenyatta cannot withdraw from it until the Baptist positions it. It also has a huge cooldown. You’re very vulnerable to a second dive when the other team finds a way to bait that skill from you.

However, he is still a strong choice, especially if you feel that your opponents cannot organize two fast dives. Besides, the opponent is sending a shooting of a Baptiste and Zenyatta by the Amplifier Matrix. If you think that crime is the best defence, then Zenyatta is your right partner.

B TIER: Hero Characters

Image via Blizzard Entertainment


This summer he has come down from his glorious S-Tier days, but Roadhog remains a powerful tank off. He’s a solo person, which makes him fun to play if you’re competing on your own. He is very self-sufficient, unlike many tanks.

Like always, his strength and weakness are single-centred games. He can punish and heal himself through well-placed location characters, but his value to the larger team can be difficult to parse besides random kills and strain. Strong characters such as Wrecking Ball, Zenyatta, Tracer, McCree and Zarya are all helpful.


It’s a difficult one for D.VA. She’s a character like a festival or famine right now and you’ll find things very good with her. The skill of your Defense Matrix is very strong in eating harm. Strong management would negate the team’s lot of pressure. She also gives the rear lines a peel and can help in the dive. In almost any case, if she plays correctly, she can be useful.

But she’s still profoundly penalized. You’re extremely easy to remove if you are caught without a Defence Matrix and you’re going to spend lots of time in a D.VA shape.


Can be really good but only on maps to choose from. His pit definitely would allow the Wrecking Ball and Tracer to stifle if they don’t want it. In choke points, he also gives benefit but is essentially quite flankable and very easy to destroy.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment


In reality, in a moment Winston is in one of his best positions. It offers a decent alternative to Wrecking Ball, especially on vertical maps. Recently, he also got a buff for his wellbeing that helped him survive slightly more. Zarya and her bubbles are famous now and also support him.

However, if he does any damage – which is harder to bring down into the lower ranks of the game – he needs a lot of information and support from his team.


While many considered Torborjn a selection meme, the mechanic can now offer a lot. He can do a lot of damage after his reworking and is a good re-dive selection. His turret remains a spin everywhere in Tracers and Wrecking Balls, especially if your angles of harm are distinguished.

But hits, which are currently powerful too, counteract him hard. He’s a poor DPS hero when your turret is down, and he’ll be distracted by the dive. He can bring pressure, particularly in the lower classes, but the faster you go up the opponents can find out him.


Tier 2 isn’t a decent place for Sigma historically. Due to its profound kit, this tank has been prevalent for so long, that it is inadequate in most compositions. This follows a series of heavy nerves aimed at the pure usefulness he has.

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But he’s all Sigma at the end of the day. If Wrecking Ball disrupts the team, it creates a pseudo-front line, it causes extremely decent harm, its shield is beyond versatility, and its final winner is nearly independent.

Surely he is one of the most technically challenging tanks and bad Sigma will throw games for him, but you might turn the tides in a game if you have a knock.


The Wrecking Ball, Zarya & Reinhardt are strong because they’re strong. Its freeze disturbs them all and throws a twist at the work of the enemy squad. She can even get headshots of her right-hand man and probably one-hit characters like Tracer.

But she’s an unpleasant fit. She’s not especially mobile and she naturally doesn’t slowly join a team that wants to interfere. You also probably lose a great deal of damage that the current meta might already be missing.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment


An extremely sensible selection, particularly when the adversary selects the actual meta stack. The wrecking ball and tracer can also be slowed down by its towers, and Zenyatta can also do some light peeling. Your Teleporter will make the battle faster for your team as well. However, it is difficult to get her harm right now, with fewer shields around.


It can be a decent alternative to hitscan which can cause tremendous damage. His Storm Bow will contribute to burst characters like Wrecking Ball down, so it can be a good peel for the backline and cause extensive damage.

However, he’s going to fight to take some care of himself. A good tracer or McCree can effectively fight him, especially when he is being replaced by Wrecking Ball. However, he would be a very good choice if he keeps his head and improves if Reinhardt keeps climbering.

C TIER: Hero Characters

Solder 76
Image via Blizzard Entertainment


Unfortunately, he’s blunt compared to nearly every hitscan DPS in the game. If he can find a high level, he can find value, especially with fewer shields around, but his position has many better options.


The hitscan role of Widowmaker is a great alternative to McCree. She will benefit from direct sightlines with fewer shields on the ground. You can have a day in the field right now if you’ve sought the opportunity to press heads.

However, new problems arise with fewer shields in the action. Without good pockets, she offers an enemy WreckingBall and Tracer a very straightforward dive objective to the other team before they can get any value. She’s the whole roster glass cannon and that’s the gamble you take when you pick her.

However, you can monitor the battlefield if you are trusting in your ability to take headshots, know about dives and/or believe in your support for your rescue.

watchover tier list
Image via Blizzard Entertainment


It is currently more difficult for him to buy with so many balls. This would make it more difficult for the other team to produce the huge damage it might do.

He is possibly shocked by the famous choices of Brigitte and McCree.

However, he can find them more useful if the compositions from Reinhardt/Zarya are still popular.


Right now Sombra is really powerful due to the meta heroes. She is excellent at both defence and crime, complimenting much of the cases in which she is possible. A strong Sombra is unusual and wins games, but with her, it’s now more simple than ever.

When skill-dependent heroes dominate, the shadow becomes strong, which is true of the current meta. Her power should be apparent with Ball so prevalent.

Although outstanding Hammond players can find ways around Sombra, many are ripped into shreds once felled. Zenyatta is also enabled by a secondary healer who tries to peel him, which makes him much more vulnerable. It disables this protection.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment


Right now, PHARAOH Hitscan’s too sweet. Pharah must be combined with a Grace that also takes away the security of Zenyatta.

She will take care of games in lower positions, but she would be worth it if she is left unattended.


He’s countable right now, just like Doomfist. It does not cause significant harm and has fewer potentially one-hit kills than doomfists. The cyborg ninja doesn’t flourish in this meta.

D TIER: Hero Characters

Image via Blizzard Entertainment


He is Bastion. Surely, he will tear it in the lower classes or as a surprise if the enemy team is not ready for it.


There may be value for good doomfists but there is a lot he will be fighting against at the moment. McCree Flashbangs, Zarya bubbles and Wrecking Ball boops – it’ll take a while to find the best objectives to get the right purchase.

This is our overview level list. This is it.

With the last meta in mind, we will continue to keep it updated. Participate in our comments section. Follow our pages to keep up to date with the latest manuals, news and reviews.

Hopefully, you find this Overwatch Tier List helpful to find out the best heroes of the game. All these heroes are powerful and give you glory in the game. Because they are best in long-term survival and team-up.

Moreover, if you think anything is missing from this short guide feel free to guide us through the comment box. Share your opinions on your favourite hero in the overwatch game.

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