FEH Tier List (2024) Best To Worst Ranked

There are more than 600 characters in Fire Emblem Heroes and picking the perfect hero for your team is confusing. Especially for the newbies here, we made a FEH Tier List based on the hero’s abilities, skills, survival rate, damage power, defence and more.

Fire Emblem Heroes is an online video game basically this game is based on tactical part-playing it was developed by Intelligent Systems on three platforms including Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.

Moreover, Fire Emblem Heroes was introduced on Feb 2, 2017, and until now this video game has obtained lots of gaming awards including “Best Mobile Game” in January 2020. You can learn more about it from its official website.

FEH Tier List: Best To Worst Ranked

FEH Tier List
Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List (Image via Nintendo)

You’ll need strong heroes on your team if you want to effortlessly defeat the opposition and win the battle. Based on their performance, general stats, talents, and abilities, we have therefore developed this tier list. This clarifies:

S-Tier: This tier is made up of the greatest and most potent characters. With the help of these elite characters, you can defeat opponents in both PvE and PvP game modes with ease.

A-Tier: Although they are more capable than S-Tier characters, these characters are nonetheless strong in the game. If S-Tier characters are not available to you, they are also incredibly strong and dependable.

B-Tier: Since these characters are mediocre performers, it will need work to make them trustworthy in the game.

C-Tier: These are the performers who fall short of expectations. They are useful in the game’s early stages.

D-Tier: The weakest and worst characters in the meta right now. Compared to higher-tier characters, these characters are less effective and have fewer talents and powers, hence it is advised against investing in them.

S Tier

  • Legendary Sigurd (Red)
  • Legendary Lilina (Red)
  • Valentine’s Lif (Red)
  • Reginn (Red)
  • Winter Altina (Red)
  • Legendary Chrom (Blue)
  • Brave Hector (Blue)
  • Nótt (Blue)
  • Brave Ike (Green)
  • Pirate Surtr (Blue)
  • Brave Eirika (Blue)
  • Dagr (Green)
  • Valentine’s Gustav (Green)
  • Brave Edelgard (Green)
  • New Year Peony (Green)
  • Spring Myrrh (Colorless)
  • Legendary Claude (Colorless)
  • Summer Freyja (Colorless)
  • Ninja Lyn (Colorless)
  • Fallen Edelgard (Colorless)

A Tier

  • Masquerade Sigurd (Red)
  • Fallen Ike (Red)
  • Summer Byleth -Female (Red)
  • Selena: Sacred Stones (Blue)
  • Legendary Dimitri (Blue)
  • Peony (Blue)
  • Legendary Azura (Blue)
  • Brave Gatekeeper (Green)
  • Winter Bernadetta (Green)
  • Bridal Catria (Green)
  • Valentine Faye (Colorless)
  • Sara (Colorless)
  • Flayn (Colorless)
  • Brave Marianne (Colorless)
  • Veronica (Colorless)

B Tier

  • Arden (Red)
  • Brave Marth (Red)
  • Mareeta (Red)
  • Spring Severa (Red)
  • Ryoma (Red)
  • Byleth Female (Red)
  • Byleth Male (Red)
  • Lysithea (Red)
  • Fallen Julia (Red)
  • Summer Freyr (Red)
  • Hoshidan Summer Micaiah (Red)
  • Duo Eirika (Red)
  • Kris Male (Red)
  • Larcei (Red)
  • Black Knight (Red)
  • Young Caeda (Red)
  • Micaiah (Blue)
  • Marianne (Blue)
  • Fallen Corrin Male (Blue)
  • Guinevere (Blue)
  • Reinhardt (Blue)
  • Masquerade Aldigan (Blue)
  • Ullr (Blue)
  • Kris Female (Blue)
  • Legendary Julia (Blue)
  • Duo Ephraim (Blue)
  • Pirate Naesala (Red)
  • Altina (Red)
  • Valentian Palla (Red)
  • Soiree Ishtar (Red)
  • Legendary Celica (Green)
  • Fallen Lyon (Green)
  • Young Merric (Green)
  • Summer Caeda (Green)
  • Freyja (Green)
  • Surtr (Green)
  • Summer Ingrid (Blue)
  • Ninja Hana (Green)
  • Bridal Nailah (Green)
  • Thrasir (Green)
  • Nagi (Green)
  • Fallen Morgan Female (Green)
  • Halloween Robin Female (Green)
  • Fallen Corrin Female (Colorless)
  • Mila (Colorless)
  • Shinon (Colorless)
  • Bridal Fjorm (Colorless)
  • Pirate Tibarn (Colorless)
  • Legendary Micaiah (Colorless)
  • Ashera (Colorless)
  • Legendary Corrin Female (Colorless)
  • Summer Hilda (Colorless)
  • Harmonized Mia (Colorless)
  • Summer Leonie (Colorless)
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C Tier

  • Valentine’s Henriette (Red)
  • Brave Lysithea (Red)
  • Mirabilis (Red)
  • Laegjarn (Red)
  • Plegian Dorothea (Red)
  • Karla (Red)
  • New Year Alfonse (Blue)
  • Seiros (Blue)
  • Spring Idunn (Red)
  • Zelgius (Red)
  • Legendary Ryoma (Red)
  • Plumeria (Red)
  • Tibarn (Red)
  • Say’ri (Red)
  • Fallen Morgan Male (Red)
  • Duessel (Blue)
  • Halloween Tiki (Blue)
  • Brave Lucina (Blue)
  • Brave Dimitri (Blue)
  • Young Tana (Blue)
  • Duo Palla (Blue)
  • Fallen Dimitri (Blue)
  • Ingrid (Blue)
  • Zeke (Blue)
  • Nifl (Blue)
  • Scion Larcei (Green)
  • Valentine’s Alm (Green)
  • Jill (Green)
  • Soiree Reinhardt (Green)
  • Legendary Byleth Male (Green)
  • Charlotte (Green)
  • Winter Sothis (Green)
  • Legendary Edelgard (Green)
  • Hel (Green)
  • Ninja Laevatein (Green)
  • Triandra (Green)
  • Pirate Hinoka (Green)
  • Pent (Green)
  • Shamir (Green)
  • Pirate Veronica (Green)
  • Dedue (Green)
  • Young Innes (Colorless)
  • Leila (Colorless)
  • Pirate Tibarn (Colorless)
  • Scion Leif (Colorless)
  • Bernadetta (Colorless)
  • Brave Claude (Colorless)
  • Bridal Micaiah (Colorless)
  • Brave Camilla (Colorless)
  • Maribelle (Colorless)
  • Fallen Tiki Young (Colorless)
  • Bramimond (Colorless)
  • Legendary Alm (Colorless)

D Tier

  • Ewan (Red)
  • Effie (Blue)
  • Kjelle (Blue)
  • Valbar (Blue)
  • Picnic Lukas (Blue)
  • Winter Robin (Blue)
  • Naesala (Blue)
  • Lilith (Blue)
  • Nina (Colorless)
  • Jamke (Colorless)
  • Mikoto (Colorless)
  • Emmeryn (Colorless)
  • Mercedes (Colorless)
  • Klein (Colorless)
  • Bridal Lyn (Colorless)
  • Clarisse (Colorless)
  • Petra (Blue)
  • Est (Blue)
  • Hubert (Red)
  • New Year Anna (Red)
  • Rutger (Red)
  • Eyvel (Red)
  • Sanaki (Red)
  • Saber (Red)
  • Ayra (Red)
  • Soleil (Red)
  • New Year Eir (Red)
  • Mordecai (Blue)
  • Hoshidan Summer Ryoma (Blue)
  • Ephraim (Blue)
  • Mae (Blue)
  • Nowi (Blue)
  • Donnel (Blue)
  • Delthea (Blue)
  • Nephenee (Blue)
  • Garon (Red)
  • Itsuki (Red)
  • Bridal Oboro (Red)
  • Bantu (Red)
  • Astram (Red)
  • Performing Shigure (Blue)
  • Selkie (Blue)
  • Panne (Blue)
  • Death Knight (Blue)
  • Olwen (Blue)
  • Ursula (Blue)
  • Summer Cordelia (Blue)
  • Summer Lilina (Red)
  • Sigurd (Red)
  • Zephiel (Red)
  • Draug (Red)
  • Winter Tharja (Red)
  • Spring Palla (Red)
  • Olivia (Red)
  • Fallen Ashnard (Red)
  • Ross (Green)
  • Echidna (Green)
  • Arthur (Green)
  • Summer Elise (Green)
  • Dorcas (Green)
  • Rhajat (Green)
  • Performing Inigo (Green)
  • Ranulf (Green)
  • Summer Wolt (Green)
  • Rath (Green)
  • Halloween L’Arachel (Green)
  • Python (Green)
  • Gunnthrá (Green)
  • Valentine’s Greil (Green)
  • Halloween Dorcas (Green)
  • Winter Fae (Green)
  • Flame Emperor (Green)
  • Sheena (Green)
  • Hector (Green)
  • Winter Lissa (Green)
  • Winter Chrom (Green)
  • Clive (Blue)
  • Catria (Blue)
  • Lugh (Green)
  • Summer Ylgr (Green)
  • Helbindi (Green)
  • Libra (Green)
  • Rinkah (Green)
  • Takumi (Colorless)
  • Matthew (Colorless)
  • Kaze (Colorless)
  • Summer Noire (Colorless)
  • Spring Bruno (Colorless)
  • Bridal Louise (Colorless)
  • Valentine Silque (Colorless)
  • Roy (Colorless)
  • Hostile Springs Camilla (Colorless)
  • Halloween Henry (Green)
  • Camilla (Green)
  • New Year Azura (Green)
  • Hostile Springs Hinoka (Green)
  • New Year Fjorm (Green)
  • Brady (Colorless)
  • Summer Takumi (Colorless)
  • Hinoka (Colorless)
  • Eirika (Red)
  • Henry (Red)
  • Selena Fates (Red)
  • Athena (Red)
  • Masked Marth (Red)
  • Marisa (Red)

Things To Know About The Tier List

There are certain things that you need to consider or to know about the FEH Tier List that may help you to under the tier list more easily without hassle.

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Hero Rarity

The rarity of the heroes (3-star, 4-star and 5-star) wasn’t that important in the Fire Emblem Heroes. Because you can level up any hero in the game from 3 stars to 5 stars.

The franchise’s iconic weapon triangle system exposes itself in Eire Emblem Heroes by weaponry colour shades. These are tables based on the weapon triangle according to the weapon colors.

Unit ColorStrong AgainstWeak Against

Moreover, few of the heroes in the game have colourless weapons because their weapons don’t exist in the weapon triangle system. Instead, these heroes have certain stat or powers that only apply to them.

Movement Type

The FEH Heroes movement type also factors a big deal in battle as it speaks about how portable it will be on several maps. Additionally, colourless weapons are effective next to the flying or mounted units, for example. A column holding the hero’s movement type is attached to the list.

Now, here is the FEH Tier List with different tiers by colors. Blue, Red, Green and Colorless.

Blue Heroes: Fire Emblem Heroes

blue heroes FEH Tier List
Blue Heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes (Image via Nintendo)

This tier list contains all the best and strongest blue heroes of Fire Emblem Heroes. If you wanted to pick some of the stronger blue heroes for your team. Feel free to go through our tier list of blue heroes to know which character will be best for your team to get the glory.

HeroWeapon ColorMovement Type
Young PallaBlueFlying
Valentine’s RudolfBlueArmored
Brave HectorBlueArmored
Brave DimitriBlueInfantry
New Year AlfonseBlueInfantry
Legendary DimitriBlueInfantry
Legendary AzuraBlueFlying
Halloween Tiki (Young)BlueFlying
Legendary ChromBlueInfantry
Duo EphraimBlueInfantry
Brave LucinaBlueInfantry
Summer IngridBlueFlying
Kris (F)BlueInfantry
Legendary JuliaBlueInfantry
Fallen Corrin (M)BlueInfantry
Legendary Tiki BlueArmored
Ninja NavarreBlueInfantry
Brave EliwoodBlueCavalry
Picnic LukasBlueArmored
Winter EphraimBlueArmored
Plegian KatarinaBlueFlying

Red Heroes: Fire Emblem Heroes

red heroes FEH Tier List
Red Heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes (Image via Nintendo)

This is the list of some of the best red units heroes of Fire Emblem Heroes. These are some of the strongest red unit heroes that we have listed in this red unit tier list.

You can easily go through the list to check which red hero will be perfect for your team for a battle arena. To filter the strongest red heroes you can easily check the list from top to bottom with their rarity and movement type.

Hero Weapons ColorMovement Type
Reginn RedInfantry
Young CaedaRedFlying
Spring IdunnRedArmored
Fallen IkeRedInfantry
Masquerade SigurdRedCavalry
Fallen JuliaRedFlying
Brave LysitheaRedInfantry
Summer Byleth (F)RedFlying
Hoshidan Summer MicaiahRedInfantry
Halloween MyrrhRedArmored
Halloween HectorRedArmored
Valentine’s IkeRedArmored
Winter AltinaRedInfantry
Legendary LilinaRedFlying
Plegian DorotheaRedFlying
Kris (M)RedArmored
Picnic FloraRedArmored
Young MarthRedInfantry
Byleth (F)RedInfantry
Byleth (M)RedInfantry
Soiree IshtarRedFlying
Summer TikiRedFlying
Sword CatriaRedFlying

Green Heroes: Fire Emblem Heroes

 best green heroes of Fire Emblem Heroes
Green Heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes (Image via Nintendo)

This is a tier list of some of the best green heroes of Fire Emblem Heroes. The list contains the strongest green heroes from the entire game.

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You can easily check out their names, weapon colour and type along with movement type from this tier list without having a hassle. It is worth knowing some of the best green heroes’ names because you can add them to your team to the glory on the battlefield.

Heros Weapons ColorMovement Type
Brave EdelgardGreenArmored
Legendary EdelgardGreenArmored
Valentine’s AlmGreenInfantry
Brave IkeGreenInfantry
Young MerricGreenInfantry
Winter SothisGreenArmored
Legendary CelicaGreenInfantry
New Year PeonyGreenFlying
Bridal NailahGreenInfantry
Winter BernadettaGreenCavalry
Halloween Robin (F)GreenFlying
Fallen Robin (M)GreenArmored
Summer SelenaGreenCavalry
Picnic FeliciaGreenArmored
Ninja LaevateinGreenFlying
Fallen LyonGreenInfantry
New Year LetheGreenCavalry
Pirate VeronicaGreenCavalry
Soiree ReinhardtGreenFlying
Performing AzuraGreenInfantry
Azura (Young)GreenArmored
Ninja HanaGreenInfantry
Young MinervaGreenFlying
Plegian TharjaGreenFlying
New Year KeatonGreenInfantry

Colorless Heroes: Fire Emblem Heroes

 best colorless units
Colorless Heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes (Image via Nintendo)

These are some of the best colorless units of heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes. You can easily pick any hero unit for your team from this list. Before that check out the entire list to know which unit will be best for your team for the battle arena.

All the heroes in this list have colourless weapons that are built for themself only. The weapon’s colour does not include in the triangle weapons system means there are colourless and only made for that particular hero.

HeroWeapon ColorMovement Type
Ninja LynColorlessInfantry
Legendary LeifColorlessCavalry
Winter MarthColorlessArmored
Bridal MicaiahColorlessFlying
Legendary Corrin (F)ColorlessInfantry
Fallen Tiki (Young)ColorlessFlying
Legendary AlmColorlessInfantry
Pirate TibarnColorlessFlying
Valentine’s FayeColorlessArmored
New Year PlumeriaColorlessFlying
Summer MiaColorlessCavalry
Brave CamillaColorlessFlying
Fallen Corrin (F)ColorlessInfantry
Brave ClaudeColorlessFlying
Brave LynColorlessCavalry
Winter SephiranColorlessArmored

Top 5 Strongest Heroes In Fire Emblem Heroes

These are some of the best heroes units of the FEH game with high-end ratings and ranking compared to other heroes from the game.

Ninja Lyn

Ninja Lyn is one of the strongest and best units of her kind in the entire game. She has a Brave-type weapon in Tailwind Shuriken. Moreover, unlike Brave weapons, Tailwind Shuriken presents a +Spd bonus so when linked with her Swift Sparrow 3, she can endeavour for team attacks that are extremely deadly.

In weapons type, she processes the colourless weapon and the infantry movement. Although her Harmonized skills allow her to perform multiple moves in close combat these specs make her perfect for the team unless you not running her in  Resonant Battles.

Legendary Leif

The Legendary Leif is a cavalry archer who can attack the opponent 2 times with powerful progressive attacks. Although his effective weapon Meisterbogen allows him to launch the attack twice in the battle. That helped him in both initiating combats and along with defending.

Moreover, Leif’s unique skill Njörun’s Zeal is a refresher skill with a unique cooldown 3 means that he can easily release progressive attacks and gain additional action in the battle for more attacks. In the movement type, he possesses Calvary and in the weapons type, he has a colourless weapon that perfectly matches his style.


The Barminond is also one of the best heroes in the fire emblem heroes. In our FEH Tier list, you can easily check that he possesses a Void Time skill set with Flying movement and colourless weapons type. Moreover, he also has Impenetrable Dark, which allows him to invalidate all of the enemy allies’ battle skills, including stalwart support buffs.

He possesses a simple kit but it makes effective high firepower in the battle by dealing high-end damage to the opponent team. Barmimond is also a great unit in Aether Raids’ which defence his team as Impenetrable Dark skill. He is best to provide support along with attacking power to the team.

Pirate Tibarn

Pirate Tibarn is the most powerful attacker and gets the power boost and releases follow-up attacks to protect your team. His skill set is also great that includes, including Galeforce and Heavy Blade 4. Sky-Pirate Claw and Dive-Bomb 3, to take down the opponents with both high-end power and mobility.

In some cases, the Pirate Tibarn can take down 2 units in a single turn without even refresher skills. Moreover, the Heavy Blade 4, kicks the nail into the coffin as it joins straight damage to Tibarn’s attacks and speeds-up Galeforce indeed more.

Legendary Corrin (F)

Legendary Corrin has some powerful skill sets along with high-end damaging weapons both abilities of her together give a high-end potential for the battle arena for taking the opponent’s attacks. In simple words, The Corrin is a powerful tank that can perform both defence and attack at the same time in combat.

There are also some of the additional skillsets of L.Corrin that only activate when her foe initiates combat. She is totally built for the tanking role for the team with her skills and infantry movement type she is a powerful hero.

Hopefully, you find this short FEH Tier list helpful to know some of the strongest heroes of FEH that you can add to your team to get the glory. This is all for this guide for more helpful guides do check our Tier List guides.

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