Path of Exile: How to Identify Items?

Path of Exile gives its players many hefty items, including character boost ups, rare character boosters, and much more.

But you cannot identify every item in the game. Some items can be hidden as you go along in the game. If you fail to identify, you might miss the chance to get your hands on some amazing items. 

How to Identify Items in Path of Exile?

identify items path of exile
Image via Reddit (r/pathofexile)

In this article, I have explained in detail how you can identify a time in Path of Exile so you do not miss any rare boosters and eventually find some good stuff.  

Identifying Items using Scroll of Wisdom in PoE

Scroll wisdom is one of the most common ways to identify items in the game. It is a common currency item used to identify items throughout the game. Scroll wisdom can identify whether the item is rare, unique, or magical. It can be determined by some string boxes found in various places. 

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It is recommended for beginners to save the Scroll of Wisdom during later stages, as it will help with identification. 

Identify Items by Familiarity

Players’ familiarity with identifying items during their earlier runs can help them identify items in Path of Exile. Experienced players can face-off more enemies than beginners, and they can identify items by themselves. 

Killed monsters can drop destructible containers and chests. Players familiar with which item types could be dropped may be able to identify the items they can get.