How to get Radiant Rank in Valorant?

Reaching the top tier in the leaderboards in Valorant’s Competitive Mode isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth it in the end.

If you’re curious or considering the challenge, you’ve landed in the right spot! Discover what it takes to achieve the prestigious Radiant Rank and why it’s important to differentiate between “Radiant” and “Radianite” in Valorant.

How to Get Radiant in Valorant

Valorant Radiant Rank
Image via Riot Games / Gameinstants

To Reach Radiant Rank in Valorant you need to be on the top 500 players in your region.

When Valorant burst onto the gaming scene in 2020, it became an instant hit. Alongside its casual mode for relaxed play, the game offers a ranked mode that truly tests players’ skills. In this competitive environment, gamers queue up to showcase their mastery of

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challenging game mechanics. Get ready to prove your skills and join the excitement of Valorant’s ranked mode!

Everything You Need to Know About Ranks in Valorant

Valorant Ranks
Image via Riot Games

How many tiers are in Valorant 

There are eight tiers to conquer. Each tier has three sub-tiers, except for the Immortal and Radiant tiers, which stand at the top. To reach the top tier, Radiant, you’ll need to work your way through every tier and sub-tier.

Where you start 

You start at the Iron tier. You’ll need to progress through Iron 1, Iron 2, and Iron 3 to unlock the next tier, Bronze. Keep pushing forward, climbing through each tier and sub-tier until you finally reach the challenging Immortal tier. There’s just one step left before reaching the coveted Radiant

How many ranks you need to conquer

In total, you’ll need to conquer 20 ranks, combining both tiers and sub-tiers, to claim the top spot as Radiant. While some exceptional players may skip sub-tiers with impressive performances, that’s more of an exception to the rule. So be prepared to put in the effort and embrace the grind to reach the heights of the leaderboard.

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If you’re looking to improve your chances of hitting Radiant, here are a few tips:

Find a role and stick to it

Discover what suits your style and brings you joy. Whether it’s fragging as a duelist or supporting as a controller or sentinel, focusing on your chosen role will help you excel and reach your full potential.

Warm Up is important

Take time to warm up before playing Valorant. It’s crucial in any competitive game. Practice in the range to improve accuracy and movement, or join Deathmatches for a livelier warm-up. Remember to keep a casual mindset and stay positive to avoid negativity in competitive matches. Focus on improvement.

Watch pro players

Gain valuable insights by watching pro players in action! Observing their positioning, aim, and decision-making can teach you how to elevate your gameplay to a whole new level. Learn from the best and enhance your skills.

How hard is it to get Radiant Valorant

Reaching the Radiant rank in Valorant is challenging but achievable with dedication. Focus on winning aim duels by practicing accuracy and headshots.

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Play regularly to earn points and aim to unlock all Valorant agents for versatility. Work hard, stay determined, and you’ll be on your way to Radiant!

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