Player Count of the Hunt Showdown in 2024?

Hunt showdown was released first in 2018 on steam then in 2019 it was fully launched on Microsoft and Xbox after that in 2020 it was launched on PlayStation. The hunt showdown is an fps game published by Crytek. The hunt showdown is a multiplayer survival horror game.

Basically, in a hunt showdown, the character bounty hunter has to kill the mythical monster. In the game there are two options, one is bounty and the other is quickplay battle royal. In bounty hunter, there is a group of three people.

The players can work together on the map or individually, the game aims to find the location of the game and kill the monsters. There are four monsters and are a bit hard to defeat due to limited ammo. On the other hand, the quick play battle royal lasts for 15 minutes. In battle, royal players have to find the energy and survive hostile attacks.

Now you are thinking about what makes the game more interesting. The events in-game make it more interesting. On 17 jan there was an event Devil’s moon La Luz Mala Herald the moon.

The other events happened every month. Which keeps the players attracted. That is why many Hunt showdown player count grows the community and other inactive members start again.

Average active Hunt showdown player count in 2023

hunt showdown player count
hunt showdown player count

In July 2022 the developer posted an event about the serpent moon event. Which leads to an increase in the number of users in hunt showdown. Which created a Hunt showdown player count of 38K. The hunt showdown player count peaked from the serpent moon event in July 2022.

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Jump to January now on the Hunt showdown player count is 33k. The average active player number increased by 5k And around 17k players in February 2023 according to SteamCharts.

The game was a little bit behind the show at first, but when it grabbed the spot in the top 50 in the steam charts. Now the hunt showdown started getting noticed by every fps fan.

The analysis shows that it was all possible due to different events in 2022. Such as the number of Hunt showdown player count peaked in January, March, October, and December.

All these activities contributed to generating a more active audience and consistent audience in the hunt showdown. After that, the growth of the number declined a little bit but it managed to peak again and to reach the steam charts top 50.

The community of the hunt showdown

Don’t judge the hunt showdown by its active users. The game was underrated, and popular in particular niches. On the official showdown discord, not much but 173k+ members are there. Further, there are lots of other discord of hunt showdown such as council also streamer discord Rachta

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How long do players have to wait in the queue?

Many new users know that the number of active users is fewer so they have to wait long in the queue to get a match.

If you are new in-game and don’t know anything, there are two game modes: solo play, quick play battle royal, and bounty hunt. The bounty hunt contains two or three squads.

To match in a showdown the matchmaking rating plays an important role. The matchmaking rating is between one to six stars. Hunt showdown matchmaking will appear below your name on the main menu. As per your rating, you will be matched and you will find the rapid queue times.

There are hard-to-find users with five or six ratings. The usual players have a rating between three to four stars. If you want to play solo or in a squad, you can match easily.

You won’t have to wait long till your console starts heating. Many users find it hard to match when they have two different ratings. If a player has one star and another has five stars. Then it takes usually longer to find a match,

How many Hunt showdown players count are active?

Some players play games on a regular basis. But some of them play only when an event is activated. So that they can earn quick points through exciting matches.

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To increase the flow of new players and bring old players again, the developer needs to work on events. The game is great but after a while gamers got bored playing the same thing again and again. Many gamers tend to be interested in a game that challenges them or boosts them up. The developer will need to improve and launch new events occasionally to rank in steam charts.

The game isn’t that complex to play, and the matchmaking is kind of a bit tricky and doesn’t have to be long enough. To rank more highly on steam charts, the developers have to put on more new events monthly.

In the game, there are two options. One is solo mode battle royal. In which they have to survive to win a match. The other mode can be played with two or three squads on a map. Both modes are pretty interesting to play. The matchmaking queue won’t waste your time.

The game is available on PCs, PlayStation, and Xbox. The game is a thriller where you will feel your heartbeat while fighting the monsters. You can find more interesting games on discord servers and live streaming. As you explore more games you will love to reach the core of them.

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