Marvel Contest of Champions How To Play Guide

Marvel Contest of Champions is an action game where you play as your favourite Marvel heroes and villains in a 1v1 fight. So stay with me and I’ll tell you 5 Marvel contest champions how to play tips that you must know as a beginner so let’s dive right in.

Marvel Contest of Champions playing guide
Image via Kabam

Do Not Sell Champions

Number one is the most important in my opinion for any beginner to know which is do not to sell champions. It’s not good, there are no benefits to it except for an immediate minute amount of ISO, gold and some shards, it’s not worth it at all.

Another reason is that when you get a character that you already have, you get something called a duplicate or a dupe for short which powers up their signature ability depending on the star level of the dupe that you get.

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Masteries are hugely important as you need to learn precision and cruelty because they give you flat increases to team stats. So I’d recommend not worrying about offence at all and instead working on your proficiency and moving to defence.

Don’t use energy refills early on

I know it’s very tempting for a lot of people, so what I would advise is to just push as much as possible and if you do need extra energy, use the small energy refills instead try and level up so your energy bar resets and increases.


As a new character, do arena as it’s massively important for multiple reasons. As you do them you get rewards like hero crystal shards, units and gold. All the milestone rewards are massive early on.

Read Nodes

It’s very important to read nodes as it will give you guidelines on what needs to be done in order to complete specific nodes.

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So that’s all you need to know about the Marvel Contest of Champions. Make sure you go through all these tips and I’ll see you soon.