Pokemon Go: Best Team For Elemental Cup

Element Cup is a tournament that started on the 17th of May to the 24th of May 2023. This edition allowed Pokémon hunters to blend different types of Pokémons. Of course, there are some restrictions and you can only use a particular set of Water, Grass, and Fire-type Pokémons.

It’s important to remember the three golden rules or requirements of the Element Cup tournament.

  • The Pokémon selected must be at 500CP or less.
  • Have a line of evolution that didn’t happen yet.
  • It must be a Grass, Water, or Fire type.

Best Team For Elemental Cup in Pokemon Go

Below is my best team recommendation for the Element Cup in the Pokemon Go Battle League.

elemental cup pokemon go
Image via Gameinstants
  • Ducklett
  • Shadow Chikorita
  • Salandit 

Ducklett has great stamina alongside Max HP that opponents can’t match. With a combined moveset of attacks like Wing Attack, Bubble Beam, and Brave Bird, it can handle more than a few opponents.

Shadow Chikorita has increased damage output and slightly reduced defensive stats. When an opponent has run out of shields or is down to their last Pocket Monster, trainers can bring in the Poison/Fire-type Salandit which has solid stamina and great attack.

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With these three Pokemon, be rest assured your team is going to snag in a couple of victories and rewards.

best team for elemental cup
Image via Gameinsants
  • Chinchou
  • Vulpix
  • Shadow Bulbasaur 

The Chinchou Pokemon has great stamina, giving it plenty of health to operate as the leader of the team. 

Vulpix can utilize Normal attacks like Quick Attacks to deal neutral damage to opponents. As a backup, Vulpix can deliver its Fire-type Charged Move.

If an opponent brings in a Water-type pick to close out the battle, trainers can toss out Bulbasaur who has a great defense, and stamina, and its damage output is deadly.

So these are my 2 best teams for the Pokemon GO Elemental Cup if you have any other teams that’ll be great for the tournament feel free to let me know in the comment section.

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