How to Solve the Hogwarts Legacy Floating Candles Map

There are very few quests tied to specific houses in Hogwarts Legacy. Most items, quests, and adventures are the same regardless of your chosen house.

However, the Hogwarts Legacy floating candles map is one of the first secrets you’ll experience while playing the game. The quest revolving around this map usually varies depending on the house you belong to.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to get the map regardless of what house you’re in. We’ll also review the differences in the quests depending on your Hogwarts house; let’s get into it.

What is Hogwarts Legacy Floating Candles Map Explained

floating candles map hogwarts legacy
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The Hogwarts Legacy floating candles map is an item players will need to kickstart the Ghost of Our Love side quest. This unique map points to a secret hiding place within Hogwarts Legacy. Getting the map is simple; players don’t need combat spells to get through this adventure.

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You can get Hogwarts Legacy floating map in four ways, and it all depends on the Hogwarts house you choose at the beginning of the game.

Luckily, all four ways are within the main story. You can get the map for Gryffindors after speaking to Sir Patrick Delaney-Poddmore in the Hunt for the Missing Pages. You’ll find the map in the crypt next to the ghose.

If you belong to the Slytherin house, you’ll get the map after the Scrope’s Last Hope quest. All you have to do is head to the cave under Hogwarts and place an offering on the stand. This will open a hidden piece of the cave, and the map will be within.

Hufflepuffs get the map after the Prisoner of Love quest. Hufflepuff players will find the map behind the shop in Upper Hogsfield. Finally, Ravenclaw players will find the map in the Owlery during the Ollivander’s Last Heirloom quest. 

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How to Solve the Hogwarts Legacy Floating Candles Map

To solve this map, you must first travel to the Forbidden Forest. Head to the forest’s Floo Flame network location in the South Hogwarts region.

The journey must occur at night, but you can skip time by opening the map tab and pressing F on the keyboard or R3 on the controller. Since you can only complete the quest at night, this would help you save time.

Once you’re in the Forbidden Forest Floo Flame location, head towards the bridge and the lantern located there. As you get closer to the left side of the bridge, pick the love letter note and cast Lumos to reveal three floating candles. Now, you must follow these candles into the Forbidden Forest. 

Stick to the path of the candles and be careful, as you might come across wild animals looking for prey to attack.

The candles will lead you to a table and two chairs surrounded by more enchanted castles. When you approach the table, you’ll come across a chest with Galleons, a random piece of gear, and over a 100 XPs.

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Final Thoughts

That’s all you need to know about the Hogwarts Legacy floating candles map. Since a few quests require following a map to a specific location on the map, this quest won’t exactly stand out.

If you follow the instructions provided in this guide, you should be able to complete the Hogwarts Legacy floating candles map quest pretty quickly. Once completed, you can check out our Hogwarts Legacy guides to find out how to complete other crucial quests in the game.

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