Pokemon GO Events List in July 2023

The Pokémon GO July 2023 events calendar is now out, as Niantic and Pokemon Go have announced all events taking place in July 2023, and I am delighted to share the news with you. 

All of the Pokemon GO events in July 2023, as well as when they will take place, are listed below:

Pokemon Go Event July 2023
Image via Pokemon Go
  • Clay GO Battle Weekend: July 1st-2nd
  • 7th Anniversary Party: July 6th-12th
  • Squirtle Community Day Classic: July 9th
  • Catching Some Z’s: July 15th-16th
  • Riolu Hatch Day: July 22nd
  • Adventure Week: July 27th – August 2nd
  • Community Day: July 30th

Clay GO Battle Weekend: July 1st-2nd

Clay is a weekend-long GO Battle event inspired by Clay, the Gym Leader of Driftveil Gym in the Unova region in Pokémon Black and White!

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7th Anniversary Party: July 6th-12th

Pokemon GO always celebrates its birthday in a grand manner, and 2023 is the game’s seventh anniversary.

There are going to be a lot of old-school Pokemon since Niantic has already stated that Squirtle will be appearing in the event’s Community Day Classic.

Squirtle Community Day Classic: July 9th 

Squirtle returns to Pokémon GO for a Community Day Classic event on July 9th, 2023, allowing players the chance to develop a high-level Blastoise with Hydro Cannon once more. Squirtle will emerge more often in the wild throughout the event, and players will have a chance to encounter a shiny Squirtle.

Catching Some Z’s: July 15th-16th

Unfortunately, Niantic has not officially released anything regarding Catching Some Z’s event. Rumour has it that Snorlax will appear in some manner at a drowsy Pokemon event. However, we feel they might also include the drowsy Koala Pokemon, Komala, in the game!

Riolu Hatch Day: July 22nd 

The specific details of the Riolu Hatch Day have yet to be disclosed, but expect a slew of fantastic benefits for hatching Eggs, as well as some extra opportunities to catch Riolu!

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Adventure Week: July 27th – August 2nd 

The Adventure Week event returns with plenty of rewards for going outside. While Niantic hasn’t revealed much about the event other than the date, we do know that Mega Tyranitar will be available in Raids for the first time ever during this event!

Community Day: July 30th 

On July 30, the final Pokemon GO event of 2023 is Community Day. Niantic has not yet confirmed which Pokemon will be featured, but we will update this story as soon as we learn!

There you have it all the fun stuff that’s to come from Pokemon Go in the month of July as I’ll see you in the next article.