Can We Get Ash-Greninja in Pokemon Go?

Kalos region introduced the fan-favorite Ash-Greninja in Pokemon. Possessing a distinct appearance from that of a normal Greninja, it has a red fin running down from the middle of its head instead of the usual black, making it look like Ash’s cap. The unique Ninja Pokemon also has black fins on the two sides of his head, unlike the usual blue.

Ash-Greninja requires a special ability named Battle Bond for its evolution. It possesses significantly higher stats than a normal Greninja, particularly in speed and strength. However, it comes with a downside: whenever and wherever Greninja is hurt, the pain is shared with Ash as if their souls are bonded temporarily.

Unfortunately, Ash-Greninja isn’t available in Pokemon Go. Implementation of the Battle Bond mechanics, in which trainers faint alongside their Greninja, could prove to be game-breaking. There are still signs of it releasing in the AR-based game despite the disillusionment regarding the Battle Bond introduction in Go.

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Here are a few hints that players might be getting Ash-Greninja in Pokemon Go soon.

The constant teasers on Ash-Greninja’s arrival in Pokemon Go

The biggest clue about Ash-Greninja being in the development phase was seen in July 2021. According to a datamine by Pokeminers, the debut of the fan-favorite dual Water/Dark type Pokemon was leaked alongside that of the Vivillion patterns, Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, Hoopa Unbound, the cheerful Shaymin, and the Pokestop-exclusive Keldeo.

Every Pokemon mentioned above are now available in Go except Ash-Greninja. Part of the problem is that it will have a massive effect on the meta-system even though it is non-legendary. Froakie Community Day on August 13, 2023, saw Greninja obtain the Water Shuriken-Hydro Cannon combo and it is now wreaking havoc in PvP due to its high DPS and EPS.

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Imagine how powerful Ash-Greninja could be in the Go Battle Leagues.

Datamined stats of Ash-Greninja in Pokemon Go

Given its apparent worth in the meta, Ash-Greninja could be introduced as a part of an event-exclusive Paid Research similar to Armored Mewtwo and Mega Raquaza. Else, it might be a part of a long research mission similar to the ‘A Mythical Discovery’, where trainers get Mew after completing hectic tasks like evolving a Magikarp.

As per speculations, Ash-Greninja has a max CP of 4504 at level 50 with an Attack stat of 339, Defense of 155, and Stamina of 176. It will be in second place in the list of the best attackers in Pokemon Go, below Deoxys Attack Forme and above Slaking.

Ash-Greninja’s moveset in Pokemon Go apparently will be similar to Greninja’s. It will have access to Water Shuriken, Bubble, and Feint Attack in the Fast Move slot and Hydro Cannon, Night Slash, Hydro Pump, and Aerial Ace in the Charged Move slots. After all, the main feature will be its high attack and speed stat.

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