Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How To Evolve Bisharp into Kingambit

Want to get your hands on the Kingambit, which is the evolution of Bisharap, but are having a hard time? Rest assured, I have created a guide for you in this article, that will help you understand how to evolve Bisharp in Kinambit in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Bisharp evolves from Pawniard and is finally given the third stage of evolution. Some Pokemon cannot simply evolve in normal ways they need some particular task for you to do so they can evolve. 

How To Get Kingambit In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Bisharp into Kingambit Pokemon Scarlet
how to evolve bisharp

Kingambit is the Pokemon that evolves from Bisharp. You can only get Kingambit by evolving Bisharp in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. You need the Leader’s Crest. This is a challenging task. Let’s see how to do it:

Firstly, you must find a Bisharp holding a Leader’s Crest. You can find these typically in the Middle groups four of Pawniard. 

  • Head over to North Province Area Two of Glaseado and North of East Province Area
  • Here, look for the group of four Pawniard surrounding three Bisharp.
  • Simply defeat them and capture the Bisharp.
  • When you have the Bisharp simply level up to 54 to evolve it to Kingambit.
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What kind of Pokemon Bisharp?

Type: dual-type:

  • Dark 
  • Steel

Generation: IX

Appearance: It has a round, red, and black head and is topped with a golden double-headed axe blade with white edges. The helmet shrouds most of its yellow and black face, though you can see its triangular eyes.


  • Defiant 
  • Inner focus 
  • Pressure(hidden ability)

That’s all for how to evolve a Bisharp into Kinambit in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.