Warzone DMZ: Smuggling Tunnels Location Guide

Smuggling Tunnels are hidden pathways located in COD: Warzone DMZ with these tunnels you can travel from one cave to another and most important these tunnels have lots of valuable loot along with lots of enemies.

If you searching where to find Smuggling Tunnels in Warzone DMZ well your search ends here. We cover how you can find these tunnels along with related information.

What are Sumggline Tunnels in COD: Warzone DMZ?

The Sumggline Tunnels in DMZ are hidden pathways that allow player to move from one location to another utilizing these tunnels. However, finding them is not easy in the DMZ and more importantly, there are lots of enemies you will encounter in these tunnels that are waiting for you along with lots of valuable loot such as ammo, weapons and more.

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How To Locate Smuggling Tunnels in COD: Warzone DMZ

The Smuggling Tunnel is located the North of the Zarqwa Hydroelectric as shown in the below map in red color rectangles. The Smuggling Tunnels is 2 tier mission of the White Lotus faction the task of the mission is to locate the Smuggling Tunnels on Al Mazrah.

dmz smuggling tunnels location

There is a total of 5 entire points in the tunnel as shown in the image above and the main entire point is on the Well. These tunnels are perfect for those for want to get more buff and valuable loot. Most of the time this area is heavily guarded make sure to keep your guard while entering the tunnel.

You can enter the tunnel from any five points but make sure to go with your team because under the tunnel the fight will become intense due to lots of enemies. Make sure to gather a good amount of ammo and a grenade before entering the tunnel because, with the help of a grenade, you can easily take down enemies from the distance while taking cover.

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This is all for the Smuggling Tunnels location guide if you want a good amount of loot along with buff then you must visit the Sumggline Tunnels in DMZ.

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