Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Best Way to Get a Shiny Gimmighoul

Are you eager to catch a Shiny Gimmighoul in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet but cannot find a way? Let’s see if you can in this article.

Shiny Gimmighoul is the shiny variant of Gimmighoul, a Ghost-type Pokemon introduced in Generation IX of Pokemon. The catch rate of the normal Gimmighoul is 45 (11.9%)

A shiny Gimmighoul is a very rare catch in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. There is no possible way that you can increase your chances of catching them.

Neither is there any best way. You can only catch a shiny Gimmighoul during the Tera Raid Event. Hop on to it if you want Pokemon and even their shiny versions.

What Type of Pokemon is Gimmighoul?

Type: Ghost-Type

Introduced in: Generation IX

Evolves into: Gholdengo 

How does Gimmighoul evolve? A Gimmighoul evolves into a Gholdengi; it requires the players to have 999 Gimmighoul coins to level up. 

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Gimmighoul has two forms. 

  • Chest form 
  • Roaming form

Both can be found in Paldea’s Overworld. But you will have to battle the chest form and get it while you can.

Shiny Gimmighoul Violet

How to catch a shiny Gimmighoul in Scarlet & Violet?

There is no easy way to find and catch a shiny Gimmighoul, as this Pokemon is rare. The only way you can catch a shiny Gimmighoul is in the Tera Raid Event, which took place between June 21 and July 2. However, let’s look into how to catch this rare Pokemon in this event.

You can encounter a shiny Gimmighoul. You have to visit the Poke Portal to download the latest news; you will trigger the event. Sparkling Tera Crystals will appear on your map. Head towards them to start the battle.

The chance of you catching a Shiny Gimmighoul in these raids is 1/4103 which is worse than the chance of catching other shiny variants in the game, which is 1/4096. However, the chances are still not zero, so don’t lose hope. But here are some tips that might help:

  • Check the dens frequently 
  • Battle as many 5-star Tera Raid Battles as you can 
  • Join online raid groups 
  • Use a shiny charm 
  • Use the Masuda Method 
  • Use a Synchronizer 
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Remember that there is no guarantee that you will catch one even if you follow these tips, but if you’re determined, these tips will help you.