Is GTA 5 Cross Play in 2022 (Yes/No) ?

is GTA Cross Platform: We all know that the gaming industry is going digital. Nowadays, people want to play with strangers worldwide.

GTA 5 is one of the most popular games worldwide, with millions of users playing this game on PS4 & Xbox. But now, users want this game to be cross-platform. So that multiple users can play this game online on different systems.

Evey GTA lover has this question in mind, i.e., “is GTA 5 cross-platform in 2022?”

If you’re looking for this answer, keep reading this article because We’ll answer this question in detail. 

Many rumors are coming that GTA online is cross-platform with the PS5 & Xbox X version in November 2021. But we’re not sure till now. 

So let’s discuss and see the reality of GTA 5 Cross-platform in 2021!

GTA 5 – All you need to know

GTA is an open-world video game series with five games. GTA’s first game was released in 1997, and since then, it’s been a big hit. This is the most successful game in history, by selling over 150+ million copies. 

Another history was created when GTA 5 launched because this game sold 90+ Million copies after its release. This game is available on Xbox (one, 360, series X/S) & PS (3/3/4), and PC. 

is gta 5 cross platform

This is a virtual game with amazing graphics. In this game, you need to do some missions, action, live-in Home, drive cars, bikes, and boats, whatever you want. It’s an open world where you can do things similar to what other people do in real life.

Each game is based on any city like GTA; the vice city location is Miami, GTA Liberty based on New york city, GTA San Andreas based on San Francisco, and GTA V based on Los Santos.

There are some most popular cities based games, and you’ll explore the town exactly but virtually. In this game, players have exactly the power to do whatever they want like a human in the city – drink, dance, buy a home, play games, etc. You’re Exactly living life but virtually. In cities, you’ll see characters like thousands of people in any area, club, parking area, mall, etc. But this game is mainly built for doing missions and unlocking new things.

It’s a big city, where anyone can do anything like crimes, attacks, stunts, etc. When starting this game as a Beginner, you need to start with some missions like taxi driving, firefighting, pimping, street racing, and many more.

This game can be played on many different platforms like PC, PSX, PS2, Xbox, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, GBC, DS, GBA, PSP, DS, iPhone, and Android.

We’ve discussed that GTA is a very high graphics game.

But the question is – is GTA 5 Cross-Platform in 2021?

Let’s find out the real answer and further details that you need to know about GTA-V.

is gta cross platform

Is GTA 5 Cross-Platform in 2022?

Most of the GTA 5 players want to know the answer. But unfortunately, GTA 5 is not cross-platform. It means if you’re playing on Ps4 or PS5 and your friend is playing via Xbox, you can’t play this game together. 

You need to understand that different devices can’t allow you to play this game together. Well, there are many reasons behind GTA V not being cross-platform.

Some of the reasons we’ve listed below are “Why is GTA not cross-platform across Xbox, PlayStation and PC?”

#1 Different Game Saves

Each device stores data in different ways/types, and another device can’t access these files. Even if you save these files to other devices, it’s not supported.

#2 Consoles Architecture

It’s common to understand that Xbox and PlayStation architecture is completely different. It’s not possible to share the same screen on GTA V. 

#3 Different Gaming Licenses

Most developers signed exclusive rights with the platform, and others can’t use or release their game. That’s why it’s not possible to cross-platform.

#4 Interface Differences between Platforms

When you use Xbox, PlayStation, and PC to play GTA, you’ll see a completely different interface in different platforms that didn’t match with your partner to play together.

#5 Game Engine API (Application Programming Interface)

Each platform has a different API, and that’s why GTA is not compatible with other platforms.

#6 Different Game Controller

Each platform comes with a different controller, and it’s not accessible on other platforms.

These are some key reasons why GTA 5 is not cross-platform.

is gta 5 cross play

Is GTA Cross-platform PS4 and Xbox One?

If you’re a PS4/5 Player and you want to play with your friend who is using Xbox, then you can’t play GTA together.

As we’ve already discussed, the difference between PlayStation and Xbox compatibility. Similarly it’s for PC & Xbox and PlayStation & PC.

These Platforms are not compatible with each other because of different architecture and controls.

We can hope GTA will enable cross-platform play in the future.

Is GTA 5 Cross-platform PS4 & PS5?

A Big Yes! GTA 5 is cross-platform between PS4 & PS5. It means if you have a PS4 and your friend has the same PS4/5, then you can play this game together. Wherever you go online, then you can invite friends to play together and do missions. Also, you can use Xbox One and Xbox series X/S to play GTA. 

So will GTA Online become cross-platform?

Fans of GTA V who want this cross-platform can enjoy the cross-platform features in GTA Online. Where you can play with your friends and others online.

There are high chances that GTA Online will become cross-platform where PC, PlayStation, and Xbox can play together. It becomes a new generation game where all users play together virtually. GTA Online is designed explicitly as cross-platform so that Multiple users play together online. Players are using social accounts to log in and invite each other to play this game.

You can enjoy this game, especially on PS5 and Xbox series X. Cross-platform is a new trend in many other gaming industries, adapting this technology like Fortress Night and Call of Duty as a cross-platform.

Why Isn’t Cross-platform Available for GTA Online?

GTA Online is available for all platforms like PC, Xbox One & PlayStation. But it doesn’t support cross-platform play. It means you can’t play with your friends and others together in this game. As we’ve previously discussed, Xbox & PlayStation both have different policies, so there’s no match for this game. You’ll probably get the option to play the mobile version together.

For the first time, Fortnite built the cross-platform standard on Xbox, PlayStation, and Mobile online. 

Will GTA Online get cross-platform in the future?

No official confirmation or rumors is coming, but probably this feature can be added later in Improvements of GTA Online, which is launched on PlayStation and the Xbox X series.

GTA 5 Compatible Platforms

GTA 5 is supported on many different platforms.

  • PlayStation 3
  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Microsoft Windows
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X/S

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most popular and entry-level game launched in 2013. This is the most popular and action/adventure game worldwide. Millions of copies sold immediately after the launch of this game.

What is Cross-platform?

Cross-platform is just a term that you can use to describe two Platforms linked together to play video games. If a platform is cross-platform, then you can invite your friends to play together. There’s no need to have a similar device; you can simply use a PC, Xbox, or PlayStation to play this game with your friends.

That’s the simple and clear meaning of cross-platform. Because there’s no restriction of platforms, and both platforms allow you to share games files and play them together. When you’re playing a GTA V high-graphics game, then it’s more visionary to play with your friends. It’s more enjoyable and fun while playing cross-platform.

In simple words, cross-platform is just a term that defines two Platforms sharing files and sharing data so that multiple users can play cross-platform games together.

What is the Difference between Cross-platform and Cross-console?

There’s a big difference between Cross-platform and Cross-console, and you need to know the difference between both. If we talk about Cross-platform, it’s a platform where players can invite their friends who have different devices, and still, they can play together because of cross-platform.

Cross-platform games are applicable for Xbox, PC, and PlayStation. If you’re a PlayStation and your friend has an Xbox, but you’re running a cross-platform game, then you can easily play this game together.

If we talk about Cross-console, it means the same game is played on different console versions. For example – PlayStation, where PS4 games can be easily played on PS5. This is the easiest way to understand the Cross-console. There’s a clear difference between Cross-platform and Cross-console.

What do Action-adventure games mean?

Action-adventure games mean, as the name implies, a game where you can explore action and adventure both in one game. And GTA is the perfect example of action and adventure. Here you can do activities, fights and stunts. Also, you can do some adventure by going on a mission and saving lives.

It’s a pack of both action & adventure. This combination is mainly designed for open-world games like GTA. That’s why millions of people are buying and playing this game because of lots of action and adventure. GTA comes with many varieties of games to experience different actions/adventures in different games.

Is GTA 5 cross-progression?

Not yet, GTA 5 is not in the progress of becoming cross-platform because GTA Online is working on progression, and soon you can see the features of playing with your friends. We all are waiting for this game to become cross-platform, and if you play GTA online, then surely you’ll feel exactly the experience you’re looking for.

When will GTA Online get Cross-platform?

There’s no official date coming out, but GTA lovers surely get the features of playing this game with your friends. But if you’re looking for a cross-platform, you can play this game cross-platform by using PlayStation on both sides. Similarly, if you and your friend are using Xbox, then you can play cross-platform. It’s not working on regular PCs yet, but if you can use PlayStation or Xbox, then surely you’ll get cross-platform.

Will GTA 6 Have Crossplay?

Yes, there are some rumors that GTA 6 comes with Crossplay features. And GTA lovers are waiting for this moment to experience another level of fun/enjoyment in the game.

How can I play GTA 5 on Mobile?

There are some simple steps you can follow to play GTA 5 on your smartphone.

Let’s follow the step by step process:

# First, you need to download Xbox app on your Android Smartphone
# Login to your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Account
# Go to the cloud games area.
# Select GTA 5 and tap to play this game.

Does GTA Online Support Cross-Save?

Cross-Save is nothing, just saving a file and sending it to other platforms and running it. If possible, you can migrate your game from one platform to another by sharing files. 

When you’re playing a game and doing so many missions, you can save your file and send this file to another platform to continue the game to another platform by using these save files.

But the Cross-Save platform is not supported by GTA Online. As we’ve already discussed that Crossplay and cross-platform are not supported, we can expect that Cross-Save is also not supported in this game.

Final Verdict

In open-world video games, millions of people expect Crossplay, cross-platform and Cross-Save features in GTA 5 so that users can play with their friends together and save their files from migrating to another platform.

But after reading this article, you can understand that this feature is not available right now. And there are no other rumors about progress. We can expect the best and wait if these features launch in GTA 5 or GTA 6. If you want to play GTA with your friends, you need similar devices only then you can play together. GTA is compatible with different platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

We hope you all queries we’ve covered in this article, and you get the updates cross-platform. Drop your comment and let me know your opinion about GTA 5 Cross-platform.

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