Pokimane Gets Panic After Wardrobe Malfunction on Twitch

One of the popular Twitch Streamers Pokimane recently come into the news after she deleted a VOD video from steam because of the Wardrobe Malfunction in the middle of the steam of Overwatch 2.

This accident took place on November 15, when Pokimane AFK and computer for some time and then return again back to the stream. Her shirt was left open that expose her chest to her viewers.

pokimane wardrobe malfunction

She asked her viewers “Hello, so I have a scientific question for everybody” before she notice that her shirt is left open knowing her breast out from the clothes she is wearing.

The clip is removed along with the VOD however few viewers grab the clip and share it on Reddit.

There is lots of comment on social media about this accident lots of people share their views for the Moroccan Canadian by a comment they feel bad for her of the wardrobe malfunction.

Pokimane wardrobe news

Not to mention Pokimane continue streaming the broadcast after switching her clothes that shown in the above image. The other Twitch streamer does not release any statement regarding this accident on their Twitter or other social accounts until now.

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There is a chance she might face repercussions from Twitch and her account might be banned but it is not confined by any officials of Twitch until now.