Guide To See The Final Fireworks in Vampire Survivors

To see the final fireworks of vampire survivors is more like an attachment than a scene. It can be obtained at the end of the series. You have to complete the specific levels to get fireworks at the end of vampire survivors.

The final round is not hard but you have to be quick and practice to beat the boss. When you beat the final boss, on the screen you will notice the level changing fast. For The last glory on vampire survivors, you need to complete the previous stages first.

As you complete that you can conquer the final enemy and will enjoy the final fireworks. Here we listed how you can conquer the boss and how to get the final fireworks. Some users noticed that they won’t be able to defeat the directed.

If you complete all previous stages then you will find it easy to win the directer stage. There are lots of visuals going on the screen and other effects also. So make sure you don’t get distracted while playing.

see the final fireworks vampire survivors
see the final fireworks vampire survivors

How to see the final fireworks in vampire survivors

Before that, you have to finish the previous phase of the series. Otherwise, you might not see the final fireworks vampire survivors.

For that, you have to own Gracia’s mirror and the seventh trumpet. To unlock all that you will need to unlock the relics.

Relics you need before final fireworks:

  • Milky way map
  • Magic banger
  • Golden egg
  • Yellow sign
  • Great gospel
  • Mindbender
  • Ars gouda
  • Sorceress’ tears
  • Glass vizard
  • Forbidden scrolls of morbane
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As you follow the vampire survivors, you will reach the new stage Eudaimonia.M. When you enter through the gate. You will have two options: “Too Easy” and “Too Hard”.

Eudaimonia.M vampire survivors

For Gracia’s mirror, you have to click on Too Easy. as you click on it, you will have the relics of Gracia’s mirror. After that, you will be back to the main menu. On the limit break. On the right side of it, there will be the option of Inverse. Turn on the options and you will receive nice rewards.

The seventh trumpet will be received when you again enter Eudaimonia M. when you reach there will be two options. One option is too easy and the other option is too hard. Choose either of the options to receive the reward of the Seventh trumpet.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do battle for any of Gracia’s mirror and Seventh Trumpet.

How To Get To The Final Boss The Directer

After completing two prerequisites Gracia’s Mirror and Seventh Trumpet, you can fight the boss. There are many phases you have to clear for fireworks.

As you get Gracia’s mirror and seventh trumpet from through Eudaimonia M, again enter through Eudaimonia M. while you reach there, make sure you choose the most confident character of the Vampire series to claim your win. The fight will be complicated, surrounded by enemies and there will be a lot more surprises. Let’s find out now.

So when you enter through Eudaimonia M, the boss shadow appears on the screen, and an audio plays. The final boss of vampire survivors The Directer starts to speak to it. After hearing, Press OK will appear as the audio completes. As you click OK, the final match begins.

The final boss of vampire survivors

1st Phase

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As you click on the open, the battle starts in the original chamber. In the first phase of the battle, you have to defeat the orbiting enemies. The boss will be surrounded by the orbiting enemies and you have to defeat the orbiting stuff. Vampire survivors final boss the directer have special powers which can increase volume during the fight. The boss, the directer will try to distract you through these skills.

2nd Phase

After that, you will enter the second phase of the fight. Where you also have to fight the orbiting enemies. When you enter the 2nd phase of vampire survivors in the final fight, as you defeat the orbiting enemies the screen will start shaking. After finishing all the flying stuff you will enter the next phase of the game, 3rd phase of the directer.

Now make sure in the final round, only attacking your enemies may not help you to win, you also have to dodge the attacks of orbiting objects.

3rd Phase

As you enter the 3rd phase. The number of enemies orbiting around you will increase. The skulls and eyes increase and on the screen, different things start happening which all try to break your concentration.

4th Phase

Phase 4 is kind of hard, where you have to find the whiter reaper Good OL’ White Death. There will be a lot more action than you expected. But to see the final fireworks vampire survivors, you have to defeat the white reaper and clear the 4th phase. Your revival test will be tested in the 4th round. After all that you will move towards the final 5th stage to fight the directer.

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The Directer

After clearing the revival test, the red death will chase you, but it won’t hurt you. Just run ahead. As you pass through it, you will reach the final stage, the boss of vampire survivors, the directer. Now all you can do is sit back and watch the screen.

A message will appear on your screen. And click on ok.

Credits will appear on the screen, press back

If bestiary entry 105 is not unlocked, you are facing a bug or glitch. Defeat the directer again to claim the bestiary.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to viewing the final firework on Vampire Survivors.

Can I complete vampire survivors without the gracias mirror and seventh trumpet?

When you reach the final stage of Eudaimonia M, first you will get the gracia’s mirror and second the seventh trumpet. Then after you enter the gate you will fight the boss.

I completed the final stage but did not see the final fireworks in Vampire Survivors

Due to some bugs, users may face the issues, try again and you will find the final fireworks.

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