R Genshin Leaks Suggests HoYoverse The Project R May Be in Development

Over the years, HoYoverse’s every move has been closely watched by core players. Recently, some players discovered that HoYoverse has applied for a series of R-projects with the hot-blooded logo, which seems to show that a new game is about to be released.

The info created a lot of arguments among many players. Following the rumors, the gaming community was divided with some believing that the game is going to be an FPS game, some even said that HoYoverse will announce a PvP game in the second half of 2023.

While others believe that the logos and trademarks are for an unfinished project from the previous year and that only software copyrights are the most reliable, and these trademarks may even be items or props in Honkai Impact 3rd or Genshin Impact.

Project SH was rumored to be a second-dimensional open-world game led by HoYoverse CEO Cai Haoyu. The game however was unsuccessful as the project was disbanded in November last year.

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Although the project was disbanded, it may be possible to apply the experience and other resources from the disbanded project to a new project.

GameLook found that the company that applied for the R-project trademark is Shanghai HoYoverse Haiyuan City Technology which is also the company that owns the copyright of Honkai Impact 3rd.

However, the main company that applied for the “hot-blooded” trademark is Shanghai HoYoverse Network Technology, so the relationship between the two is a mystery for now.

The only games that HoYoverse owns are Honkai and Genshin. As for whether HoYoverse will officially announce a new project this year, let’s wait and see.