What is the Next Prime Warframe in 2024?

In Warframe mostly all Warframes, weapons, sentinel, Archwing, and any other accessories have two variants one is the normal version and the other one is the prime version of it.

Both variants, regular and Prime are built with the Orokin Technology but the prime Version will have over stat, and the design will be more than the normal version. Every year Warframe releases the prime version of some of the Weapons, Warframes, Sentinel, Archwing, and Accessories. 

In 2023 there are some Warframe has released we will discuss what is the next prime warframe in detail;

What is the Next Prime Warframe?

In 2023, the next Prime Warframe are Hildryn Prime, Wisp Prime, Grendel Prime, Gauss Prime, Larkspur Prime, Fulmin Prime,  Gunsen Prime, Acceltra Prime, Akarius Prime, Shade Prime, and Masseter Prime. Here we will discuss how to get all of these Warframe and Weapon Prime. 

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Hildryn Prime, Larkspur Prime, Shade Prime Warframe

Who is the Next Prime Warframe

Hildryn Prime was released on 15th March 2023 and it’s the Prime variant of Hildryn. Along with Hildryn Prime the other Prime Variant was also launched, Larkspur Prime and Shade Prime. 

Wisp Prime

Wisp Prime is one of the oldest frames of Warframe yet her Prime version is not launched. But in 2023 the Wisp Prime Variant may be released. Hildryn was released before the Wisp, Hildryn prime was released on 15th March 2023, so the Wisp Prime, we can assume by the End of Summer. 

Grendel Prime

Like Wisp Prime, there is no release date for Grendel Prime. There is no such announcement from the developer, Digital Express regarding the Grendel Prime. Other than that Grendel is a Male Warframe and was released on the 31st of October 2019. We are guessing that it may be released around October 2023. 

Masseter Prime

Masster Prime is a variant of the Masster, Masster is a signature greatsword weapon of the Grendel. Masseter Weapon was released with the Grendel on 31st October 2019, it is likely to come with the Grendel Prime in 2023. 

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Gauss Prime

Drum roll please, the Gauss Prime is also releasing in the Fall of 2023. Gauss was released on the 29th of August 2019. So it may come around near its anniversary in 2023 say around August 2023. 

Fulmin Prime

Fulmin Prime is a Variant of the Fulmin Rifle. It may be released around the Wisp Warframe and also with the other weapon Gunsen Weapon Warframe. Fulmin was released on the 22nd of May 2019. We are guessing that it will be released around the Fall of 2023. 

Gunsen Prime

Gunesen is a tenno bladed Melee Warframe. It was introduced in warframe on 31st October 2023. It may also be released with the FUlmin Prime weapon and Gauss Prime. 

Acceltra Prime and Akarius Prime

Acceltra Prime is a Variant of the Acceltra, Acceltra is a signature weapon of the Gauss. Akarius Prime is a variant of the Akarius and it is also a signature of the Gauss Warframe.

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As you know we have earlier discussed Gauss Prime. So it may release around the Gauss Prime Warframe. Acceltra Weapon and Akarius was released on the 29th of August 2023 along with Gauss Warframe. 


Warframe Player, as you know Hildryn Prime, Shade Prime, and Larkspur Prime is released in 2023. Now it’s time to release the other warframe weapons and frames in 2023.  Wisp Prime, Grendel Prime, Gauss Prime, Fulmin Prime, Gunsen Prime, Acceltra Prime, Akarius Prime, and Masseter Prime will be released in 2023.

As you are also aware that the Gunsen has two signature weapons, Acceltra and Akarius, all three may be released together in August 2023. The other weapons and Warframe may be released around their anniversary in 2023.