Ragnarok Begins How to Change Job

Unlike several other role-playing games, Ragnarok Begins allows you to change jobs and there are several alternatives available. You must finish certain classes or tests relating to the career you want after graduating from the Novice Academy.

When you created your new character, you chose a different Job class. That is for your character’s starting stats and construction guidance.

Despite the fact that you may choose alternative job classes from your first option, it is still a good idea to match your initial pick to your Job Change. Stats will also be reset if you change employment.

Ragnarok Begins Guide
Ragnarok Begins How to Change Job

Job Classes Available in Ragnarok Begins

There are 6 types of job classes you can take in Ragnarok Begins which are:

  • Swordsman – Job Specialty: Melee, Physical, High attack and defense
  • Acolyte – Job Specialty: Ranged, Magic, Heal, Support
  • Merchant – Job Specialty: Battle, Support, Trading Master
  • Thief – Job Specialty: Melee, Physical and High Burst
  • Archer – Job Specialty: Ultra Long Range, Physical, and High single target DPS
  • Magician – Job Specialty: Ranged, Magic, and AOE damage
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How to Change or Switch Job in Ragnarok Begins 

  • To change your job in Ragnarok, you have to get a job change ticket.
  • It is a gift from the Time Traveler that is required for a job change.
  • Then go and speak to Miss Zhou, who will lead you to the job transfer service.
  • You can then wait for the job transfer service to showcase the job position or class you desire.
  • Switch or change your job by tapping on Confirm Class Change in the right corner of the screen.
  • Confirm the job transfer once again.

The work ticket is free to use and is activated when the player begins a job, allowing them to change it whenever they choose. However, any career or class you choose to switch to will need you to wait.

The job transfer service opens many courses or jobs and you must wait for it to reveal your selected job or class. Be advised that changing jobs removes previous earnings and items like Valkyrie feathers, medals and armor.

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So that’s how to change jobs in Ragnarok Begins as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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