Ravenlok: How To Get the Shiny Emblem

Hello, gamers! We are here with a new guide to help you to solve another tricky quest titled “How to get the shiny emblem in Ravenlok”

So, without wasting any time let’s begin with our guide!

Everything about the game Ravenlok

Ravenlok is a fun game where you become a young hero and go on an exciting fairy-tale adventure.

Your character has a special destiny to complete, and you’ll face many thrilling and exciting battles against monsters and powerful bosses using real-time combat skills.

The game’s world is unique and beautifully designed in a 3D pixel art style, but it’s filled with darkness because of an evil queen’s rule, and that’s what makes its gameplay even more interesting.

Now, let’s unveil the true location of the shiny emblem in Ravenlok. So, keep reading!

Ravenlok guide
ravenlok mask mansion puzzle

Where is the shiny emblem located in Ravenlok?

The shiny emblem can be seen in the Mask Manor. Yes, you heard it right, and to get one, you have to solve a puzzle in the game. The clues for the puzzle can be found easily around you.

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Then, without any delay, go to the soot bunnies’ basement and head upstairs to the Mask Mansion. The puzzle is located in the first corridor on the left. You need to insert three symbols listed below:

  1. Red top hat
  2. Green mechanism.
  3. Blue scissors

Then unlock a chest. Once you do that, the chest will open, and you’ll find the shiny emblem inside.

After you bring the emblem back to the bunnies, you will surely receive your desired rewards.

So, pack your bag and begin your adventurous journey.

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