Best Sneaky Cosplays of League of Legends

Sneaky has Cosplayed many characters in his cosplay career, but what is his best cosplay? In this article, I will list ten of the best Sneaky cosplays.

Sneaky is a well-known Professional League of Legends player. He has also been a professional cosplayer for a while. He is mainly known for his plays as the ADC in League of Legends Cloud 9. 

He has left the competitive gaming scene. He now mainly focuses on cosplay. He dresses up as different characters from different video games. He mainly cosplays the female League of Legends champions.

Best Sneaky Cosplays of LOL

Here are the top ten best Sneaky cosplays.

Pizza Delivery Sivir 

Sneaky Cosplays LOL4

The first is the most iconic cosplay by Sneaky. He holds a pizza box in the Sivir outfit. He got a custom wig made specifically for this cosplay. 

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Star Guardian Soraka

Star Guardian Soraka LOL

The next cosplay is the Star Guardian Soraka, which is simply stunning. Sneaky is already incredibly beautiful, but the outfit enhanced him and made it a truly magical outfit. The staff is a fantastic work of art, too.


This cosplay attracted a lot of attention, causing it to be a hit when it was released. Sneaky’s take on Boesette has two elements: sexy and powerful. The whole outfit is complemented by flawless makeup.


Xayah Lol Sneaky Cosplays

Sneaky cosplayed this look with his bae, “Bang” Jun-sik. They cosplayed Xayah and Rakan. Both the cosplays were terrific. Sneaky was looking fierce as Xayah.

K/DA Kai’Sa

KDA Kaisa Lol Sneaky Cosplays

Sneaky is an incredible cosplayer, and this outfit proves that. The makeup and wig for this outfit are perfect. Sneaky poses in the outfit capture KaiSa.

Dark Elementalist Lux

The next cosplay is the Dark Elementalist Lux, which Sneaky has executed amazingly. The way he poses enhances the look.

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Sneaky Cosplays LOL Ahri

The cosplay for Ahri’s outfit is exceptionally detailed, and he has nailed everything about this cosplay the wig, the makeup, and the pose capture the essence of Ahri.

Pool Party Caitlyn

Sneaky Cosplays LOL Pool Party Caitlyn

This one is a fun cosplay. Sneaky looks excellent in the outfit. He is also holding a pool party noodle, which gives it the perfect touch.

Lingerie Snacky

This cosplay is a little more revealing than Sneaky’s other cosplays. But it doesn’t disappoint it is very well done. The lingerie is also spot on.

Ahri With the Super Clown

The last cosplay on this list is Ahri with the Super Clown this cosplay shows Sneaky’s creativity. He combined the character of Ahri with the Super Clown from Mario Odyssey. This made for an incredible and unique cosplay. 

These are just a few of Sneaky’s best cosplays. He has done so many over the years, but these are some of his best works.

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