Satisfactory Cheats Codes (2024)

One of the finest games among adults is a satisfactory game. The game is fun-loving with no issues. A Swedish video game developer has created it. Moreover, it is a 3D game. Although, mind making. Here, you will play as an engineer or an alien.

Furthermore, players have to complete the task called ‘ project assembly’. In this, you can make multi-story buildings along with factories. For knowing good cheats and cheat codes. Also, how to enable the cheat console. Because satisfactory has a cheat console that will allow you to activate cheats, stay hooked on the article until the end.

Furthermore, a game of craftsmanship will allow you to build buildings. Also, keep an eye on the construction part.

So, this article will help you with a good cheats guide. Moreover, games have two methods to cheat codes. Firstly, a trainer is considered a third-party application. Following this, players do not have to worry about the right trainer downloading. Thus, no security issue for you.

On the other hand, you can manipulate satisfactory settings. After that, you will find a complete list of cheats. And, you can type this cheat in the console.

To conclude, you will gain some extra resources along with modifying the game settings. Although, players can use debug-type codes that will give them information about the game.

satisfactory console commands

Activation of Satisfactory Cheats

Before moving towards satisfactory cheats codes, you should know how to activate cheats.

  • Firstly, for opening the cheat console, press Ctrl + shift + L . Another, press tilde (~) for opening the console command. After that, you can type cheats commands in it.
  • Secondly, you can press the (~) key twice, and your cheats console will be open. Either, Ctrl + shift + L.
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So, above mentioned is for Regular cheats and debug commands. And mentioned below will be a modification of the satisfactory settings. For instance, physics data, FPS, and view the inputs. Also, check the info on the train et cetera. Furthermore, press the shortcut key and see the list of good cheats. Press Question mark (?) And see the command in different colors. For example:-

  • Grey command:- Grey command is only for reading commands
  • Purple commands:- purple commands are only for admin execution.
  • Green commands:- Green commands are only used for a public user.

List of satisfactory Cheats Code

Here are some useful satisfactory cheats codes are mentioned below:-

  1. MaterialFlowAnalysisRecipeName = for locating items for crafting.
  2. r.Atmosphere 0 or 1 = for deactivating and activating the atmosphere.
  3. Pause = to pause the game
  4. Gamma (number) = for changing brightness
  5. Start FPS = to show FPS counter
  6. Suicide = for killing the player
  7. t.MaxFPS ( value) = for setting maximum frame rate shadow. distance scale = to sets the render distance of shadows
  8. Grass. density scale ( number) = to sets grass density
  9. foliage.LODdistanceScale = to control LOD model quality.
  10. r.ScreenPercentage(per cent) = to sets grass density
  11. r.Fog 0 or 1 = to activate and deactivate fog.
  12. r.Shadow.distance scale = to sets the render distance of shadows
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Satisfactory Debug Codes

Here are some satisfactory debug codes:-

  • BONES = this will reveal Information regarding bone connection
  • CAMERA = for revealing Information about the camera position
  • ShowDebug( debug type) = to display players’ names, base eyesight and coordination in the world, and so on.
  • AI = this reveals enemy or vehicle information near the player.
  • ANIMATION = it will reveal the name and information about the animation.
  • CIRCUITS = for revealing Information on any power network ( circuit) in the world.
  • FACTORY = revealed Information about the player-built structure.
  • COLLISION = collision will reveal Information about the collision.
  • FACTORY CONNECTION = Factory connection reveals more about factory structure.
  • NET = net will reveals Information and details about the multiplayer connection.
  • INPUT = input is all about revealing Information about which Input methods are currently Being used.
  • FORCE FEEDBACK = force feedback reveals Information about the current force feedback value.
  • WEAPONS = weapons reveal Information about the player who has weapons and tools.
  • TRAINS = trains reveal Information about railroad subsystems about tracks.
  • VEHICLE = vehicle will reveal the current status of the Vehicle.
  • TRAINCOUPLERS = Train Couplers reveal details and Information about connections between trains and cars.
  • TRACKS = tracks about railroad subsystem about tracks.
  • RADIATION = radiation reveals Information about the radioactivity subsystem.
  • NONE = none will give you details about default information. Also, hide the rest.
  • RADIATION SPHERES = it will display the spheres where radiation can affect the player.
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Hence, these are satisfactory debugging codes. For checking them up, you can use them while playing the game. In case you have doubts regarding the codes mentioned above.

But do not try these again and again. Moreover, if you try to find satisfactory trainers, you will put yourself at risk. As a result, someone else can hack your game along with crash your game.

Additionally, make your game unstable. To conclude, try these out and add fun to your games. Which can provide you ease along with interest