How To Cross Out Text in Discord? Explained

Discord is becoming a popular platform for gamers in terms of communication using the chat box and discord channels.

Does Discord have multiple features for the chat box and formatting options? More importantly, Discord use markdown language in order to format text for you.

In case you want to know how to cross out the text in Discord quickly without wasting the time.

Use the tilde (~~) character before the text that you want to coss out.

cross out text in discord
How To Cross Out Text in Discord

Generally, on Discord, there are 2 ways of formatting text in Discord. Here in this article, I will guide you through both methods in simple words.

These two ways are the context menu and markdown that you can use in order to cross out text in Discord.

How To Cross Out Text with Content Menu?

The Content Menu can be accessed or operated using the Desktop or Web browser. So if you’re Discord on your computer then you can use Content Menu. Well, the Content Menu is used to complete the context-specific works.

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In order to use the Content Menu, follow the below-given steps.

1. Type the text that you want to cross out.

2. Now, Simply select the text using the mouse pointer. The Content Menu will appear on your screen.

cross out words in discord
cross out text in discord

3. Select the S character from the menu list. In order to strikethrough/cross out text in Discord.

There are also other options such as B for Bold the Text and I for italicizing and U for Underlining the text.

How To Cross Out Text In Discord With Markdown Language?

Markdown is a lightweight language that helps in formatting text using the editor. Discord also uses Markdown language. So you can also cross out the text using it. Here is how you can do it.

In order to cross out text using the markdown language, you need to input the tilde (~~) characters before and after the text.

Here is how you can do that.

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1. Write the text that you want to cross out.

2. Simply, add the tilde (~~) before and after the text that you desire to cross out / strikethrough.

cross out text in discord
How To Cross Out Text in Discord

3. It’s all done.

More important you can add the tilde (~~) on the US English keyboard, using the Shift + ` keys. However, if you are using a different country keyboard Shortcuts then you need to press different keys. Here is the list of all the shortcuts for using the Tilde character.

KeyboardTilde (~)
English (US)⇧ Shift + `
English (UK)⇧ Shift + #
English (Canada/Australia)⇧ Shift + `
Spanish (Latin America)Alt Gr + +
Portuguese~ followed by Space
German (Germany)Alt Gr + +
French (Canada)Alt Gr + ç followed by Space, or
Alt Gr + çç
French (France)Alt Gr + é followed by Space, or
Alt Gr + éé
⌥ Option + n (on Mac OS X)
TurkishAlt Gr + ü followed by Space, or
Alt Gr + üü
Arabic⇧ Shift + `ذّ
Hebrew⇧ Shift + ~

This is the end of this guide, hopefully, you find this article helpful to know how you can easily cross out or strikethrough the text in Discord without having hassle. For more similar articles don’t forget to read our Discord Guides such as Uncaptured Discord Symbols For Username or Discord update failed complete guide and more.

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