Shad Stardew Valley Full Guide

Shad Stardew Valley is a popular river fish seen in Stardew Valley during all seasons except winter. They only appear when it rains, therefore catching them on a sunny day is impossible unless you have magical bait, in which case they may be caught in any weather, time, or season.

The shad is the most basic of all the fish in Stardew Valley, but it is also a vital catch. Based on the queries raised by many new Stardew players, this appears to be a difficult fish to capture, despite the fact that it is not a fighter.

It may be purchased for as little as 60g, 75g for silver grade, and 90g for gold quality. Shad may be caught in sizes ranging from 20 to 49 inches. When ingested, you will get 25 energy and 11 health points.

How to Use Shad Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Shad
Shad Stardew Valley

Here we explain how you can use the shad in Stardew Valley without having much hassle.

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Finishing Community Center Bundles

A shad is required to complete the River Fish bundle in the standard setup. If you choose the remixed bundles, you will require a gold quality shad for the Quality Fish bundle.

Crafting Food & Quality Fertilizer

Because shad isn’t a high-value fish, doesn’t perform anything exceptional in fish ponds, and isn’t a great provider of health or energy, it’s a good fish for cooking or creating quality fertilizer because you’re not giving up a fish that may be more useful in other ways.

Tailoring Ingredient

The shad may be threaded through the spool of a sewing machine to make the Fish Shirt, a popular and enjoyable item in the game. When the shad is placed in the dye pot, it turns green.

Do Villagers Like Being Gifted Shad?

Unfortunately, this fish is not well-liked by the locals. In fact, the vast majority of them despise it. Giving it as a present might really harm your connection with them in some situations.

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That’s all you need to know about Shad Stardew Valley as I’ll see you in the next guide.