How to Catch Mimikyu in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

Finding the Mimikyu in Pokemon Sword & Shield is one of the tough tasks if you are willing to do that. Mostly the Mimikyu can be found in the Galar region with almost the rearmost spawn rate.

This pokemon is more resembles Pikachu one of the popular pokemon and the most shocking thing is that no one knows what appears of the dual fairy and ghost-type Pokemon within the crayon-drawn Pikachu cosplay.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.


How and Where to find Mimikyu?

The Mimikyu has two forms the Disguised Form and Busted Form. But mainly the players are able to catch Disguised form will be switched later if it takes high-end damage.

However, there is not much information about the Mimikyu Busted Form in Pokemon Sword Pokedex explains little about it “There will no forgiveness for those who reveal that is not a real Pikachu. If its costs its own life.” This means the Mimikyu really sensitive about his identity.

Mimikyu Spawn Location
Mimikyu Spawn Location – Heavy Fog Weather

Fountently if you looking for the Mimikyu Spawn location then you need to wait until you complete the Pokemon Sword and Shield. Once you complete the game you can find the Mimikyu in Heavy Fog weather conditions that were only unlocked once the game was completed.

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Once the player unlocked it then you need to visit the Mimikyu Spawn Location and change the time in Nintendo Switch to June 1 2020 to begin the Heavy Fog weather condition.

Most of the players also reported that Mimikyu spawn mostly in Bridge Field during Heavy Fog. So you can try that.

However, the Mimikyu Spawn rate is about 3% which means you need to spawn almost 30 to 35 Pokemon before you can get the Mimikyu in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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