How to Catch Mimikyu (Mimiku) in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you will experience an adventure. In the Alola region, Mimiku is small Pokémon that have the power to manipulate time. When the time comes for a trainer to face a challenging battle with their opponent, their Pokémon’s strength will be tested.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Mimiku is a rare dream-inducing creature that natives of the Alola region use to assist them in hunting their prey. This article will learn more about how and where to find Mimiku.

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Overview

Pokemon Sword and Shield is the 7th generation of Pokemon games. The game will be released on November 3rd, 2018, on the Nintendo Switch. Many people who are familiar with both Pokemon and video games might wonder if the new generation of Pokemon will be an improvement over previous generations.

So far, there has been no indication that this will change in this new version. Fans of the original Pokemon game know that it’s a big deal. These two games are being released simultaneously on November 3rd, and they’re meant to complete what has already been started in 2017.

This game is meant to provide new features to some of the features seen in previous games, such as trading with each other. Pokemon Sword and Shield is a new entry in the main series of Pokemon that is set to release in November 2019.

This generation will be the first to be released on mobile devices. The new game will have a region called Galar and feature 600+ Pokemon available for players to catch. The player will encounter some familiar faces and some returning favourites like Deoxys, Groudon, and Kyogre.


Who is Mimiku in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

The Mimiku is a new type of Pokemon in the latest Nintendo game, Sword and Shield. It’s a small robot that generates electricity. The Mimiku usually hangs around the trainer’s head, and it can be placed anywhere on the body or on the ground.

It is a new and improved version of the Mimikyu we saw in Generation 6. It has a more powerful signature move that it can use to become invisible, steal opponents’ items, and use as its defense. Mimiku Pokemon is a rare Pokemon in the Alola region.

It can only be caught during lucid dreams, and it cannot be found anywhere else. In the game, you can catch Mimiku by using a lucky punch on it when it appears during a dream. Eventually, Mimiku will evolve into its final form when you have caught all three of its forms.

Mimiku is one of the series’ mascots because it has appeared in several games such as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl – Reunion Tower, Pokemon X and Y – The Dream World’s Gate, and Pokken Tournament DX – The Scrapyard. It lives in large packs and can be found in forests and swamps.

How and Where to find Mimiku?

This is a fairly common question that many people might ask. Many people might not know how to find Mimiku Pokemon, and if they do, it would be in the Giant’s Mirror section of the Wild Area.

It is important to note that you need a key item called the ‘shadow key’ to open this door. This key can be found by defeating Mimiku and then making your way to the Giant’s Mirror section of the Wild Area.

To find Mimiku Pokemon, you’ll need to go through the Giant’s Mirror section of the Wild Area. There is a platform at either end of the area where you can jump from. The entrance to the Giant’s Mirror is located in the southeast corner of the Wild Area.

It will take you to a platform at either end of it, which will allow for jumping. The location for Mimiku Pokemon is typically where it falls off when it jumps or lands back down after being knocked off by wild Pokemon.

The Great Barrier sets the limits of the world of Pokemon, and there are no known ways to reach the other side of this wall. However, in a passage at the bottom of Giant’s Mirror, Mimiku Pokemon alone can be found. Mimiku is not known to anyone, and its rarity continues to grow.

It has an affinity for water but can move through it as if it were air. It doesn’t like noise in general, and it will flee at the sound of people talking. Mimiku Pokemon are originally rare and only appear in small portions of this giant mirror as they fall before landing on specific spots within its boundaries. The Mimiku Pokemon is a rare and very sought-after group of Pokemon.

They can only be found in the Giant’s Mirror section of the Wild Area. To find a Mimiku Pokemon, you must first complete the B8 Quests that require you to find a Mimikyu. Then, do not forget to turn on “B8” mode in your game! You are about to embark on one of the most difficult quests in Pokemon Sun and Moon!

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the how to find mimiku in Pokemon Go with complete information.

Is Mimikyu hard to find?

Mimikyu is an extremely rare spawn, so expect to spend a lot of time wandering around hunting for him in the tall grass. At short, keep an eye out for foggy weather in the Giant’s Mirror, which is located in the Wild Area’s north part. Prepare to roam for a long period, probably hours, if you go there.

How do you catch Mimikyu in the wild area?

Mimikyu can only spawn in the Wild Area, which is the only site in the Galar region where they can do so. This Pokémon can spawn at Giant’s Mirror, which is located in the Wild Area’s northwestern corner. You shouldn’t expect to see it all of the time, however. It only spawns when the little area’s weather is foggy.

Where does Mimikyu spawn in Shield?

Unfortunately, finding Mimikyu will almost certainly have to wait until after you’ve completed the game. It can only be found under the Heavy Fog weather condition, which is unlocked when the game is completed. The smiling face on the map indicates the location of Giant’s Mirror. Go to the Giant’s Mirror wild area once you’ve unlocked it.

What is Mimikyu immune to?

Mimikyu is a Ghost/Fairy type, which means it is vulnerable to Ghost and Steel type moves twice as much. Bug-type moves cause it to take 25% more damage. Normal, Fighting, and Dragon moves have no effect on it.

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