Skyrim: How to Unlock Nchuanthumz Dwarven Home

Several pieces of Creation Club content provides players access to residences in which they can live. For example, with the Nchuanthumz Creation, players may uncover a whole new dwelling that is guaranteed to appeal to enthusiasts of Dwarven design and engineering.

This is because the Nchuanthumz great hall in Skyrim is a wonderful homage to the Dwemer, and this article explains precisely how to access it.

How to Unlock Nchuanthumz Dwarven Home in Skyrim

Nchuanthumz Dwarven Home
Image via Twitter (The Elder Scrolls)

Firstly, make sure the required Creation is installed. This is simple to accomplish simply going to the game’s main menu and accessing the Creation Club from there.

To restate, gamers who have purchased Skyrim Anniversary Edition will already own this Creation and will simply need to install it, whilst those who have not purchased this newest edition will need to acquire Nchuanthumz individually..

After installing the Nchuanthumz Creation, players should go to the Frozen Hearth inn in Winterhold and enter the first room on their left. Fans will notice a little table in the corner of this room with a book named Seeks-Ancient-Artifacts’ Journal, v1 on it.

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This diary contains a quest named The Sanctuary and the Manufactory, which is required to make the Dwarven hall usable.

Players must now strive to finish The Sanctuary and the Manufactory, which may be done by visiting Frostroot Cave, which is located far north of Riften near Kagrenzel, and following the in-game goals.

After settling at Nchuanthumz, players may choose to put some effort into acquiring the additional player housing options available in Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

So there you have it, How to Unlock Nchuanthumz Dwarven Home as I’ll see you in the next guide of Skyrim.