How To Add Friends on Minecraft PC, JAVA, PE (2022)

Looking for an step by step on how to add friends on Minecraft PC, Java Edition and PE. In this case you’ve visited on the correct article. Here we have an comprehensive guide based on adding friends on Minecraft.

What is Minecraft?

In this game, the players can build various buildings according to their own wishes with the blocks they have. Now for those of you who are not familiar with this game, you must first know more about Minecraft.

Minecraft is currently still one of the best-selling games in the world. Everyone who plays this game is required to be creative because the excitement in this game can manifest their imagination.

Although Minecraft is often considered strange because of its boxy visuals, this game will give you the freedom to play that is not found in other games.

Unlike other games, Minecraft does not have a specific purpose in it. All players are free to play the game however they want, and there is no need to worry about duration or special missions.

In this game, players can use various materials such as wood, soil, stone to water to form the desired building. You can later find various forms of buildings that are similar to those in the real world.

Minecraft is a three-dimensional sandbox video game that can be played by one player or multiple players. Through this game, players are allowed to make constructions from 3D cubes to form a building.

Minecraft was first released in November 2011. After going through a long stage of development by a man from Sweden, Markus Persson. The development of the game was finally continued by Mojang Studio until it was finally published.

how to add people on minecraft pc

The Swedish game development company was officially purchased by Microsoft in November 2014. Now, Minecraft is a part of Xbox Game. Because it can be said to be one of the best-selling games. This game has sold more than 180 million on various supported platforms. Of that number, more than 112 million players are actively playing this game every month.

When he first started developing, Markus Persson wanted a game with an isolated theme in outer space. Yes, later the players can freely explore the available virtual world. But in the end, the chosen theme is like the Minecraft game as it is today.

Here’s how to play Minecraft multiplayer on PC that you should know so you can play this game with your friends. How to add friends on Minecraft on PC takes struggle and strategy to survive. Besides being able to be played alone, Minecraft also provides a multiplayer mode where you can play with other people to fight, carry out missions together, or live side by side in peace.

how to add friends on minecraft xbox one

Starting Minecraft Multiplayer Game on PC

Then you can follow the steps below for how to play Minecraft multiplayer on PC:

Locate The Minecraft Server

To connect to multiplayer games in Minecraft, you need to find a server that can be accessed via a web browser. There are some of the most popular and largest server list sites that you can visit, namely:, (“Server” segment), (“Server” segment)

Find the IP address of the desired server, you must know the IP address of the server in order to access it

Things To Consider About The Minecraft Server

Choose the server according to your wishes. There are several things to consider when choosing a server because different servers will have different experiences offered and most servers have descriptions that you can read so you can find some important details before choosing a server to try, such as:

Type of game: there are many servers that offer “standard” Minecraft game modes, but many also come with a variety of game modes from “capture the flag” mode to role-playing (role-playing) using existing characters

Permission list or whitelist: if the server uses a whitelist or permission list, the server only accepts registered users so you need to create an account on the server’s website in order to access it

Population: Population refers to the number of users currently playing, as well as the maximum number of players that can be accommodated

PvP or Player vs Player: which shows that each player can attack the other. But if you’re new to Minecraft, then servers like this can be a tough place to play

Uptime or uptime: this aspect refers to how often the server is available and is in the network. If you are going to be playing a lot, then you need to look for a server with up to 95% (or higher) uptime percentage.

Copy the IP address of the server you choose because to be able to access the server, you need to type the address on your PC

Check the version of the game running on the server to make sure it is compatible with the version of Minecraft you are running. You can find the game version in the server description

If you need to create a new version of the game, then you can access the menu Installations > New > versions > Create > Play

Connecting Minecraft Server

Before starting the game, load the Minecraft launcher program and note or remember the version of Minecraft that is displayed in the lower right corner of the window. If the version is different from the version running on the server, then you need to edit the profile to load the appropriate version

1. Select the Edit Profile button in the lower-left corner of the window.

2. Select the Use version drop-down menu and click the version that matches the version on the server. Select the Save Profile to save changes.

3. Try creating a new profile specifically for the server. If you frequently access multiple servers with different versions of the game, try creating separate profiles for each server. That way, you can access the server more easily.

4. Run Minecraft and select the Multiplayer option which is between the Singleplayer and Minecraft Realms tombol buttons

5. Select the Add server button and paste the IP address you copied earlier. Then in the Server Name column, type the real name of the server so that it is easy to recognize it when you want to access or play it later

6. Select Done to save the server information. After that, the new server will be shown in the game list. If the server is not displayed, make sure you enter the server address correctly.

7. Click the server and select the Join Server button then Minecraft will try to access the server and load the game world

Most servers will take you to the welcome area. In this area, you can find the rules and instructions for using the server, as well as information for joining other players. When playing on public servers, make sure you don’t damage objects created by other players as this will allow you to be blocked from the most peaceful servers.

8. You can chat with other users by pressing the T key. A chat window will open and you can type the desired message

Finished! Now you can play Minecraft with other people!

That’s how to play Minecraft multiplayer on PC that you can do easily so you can keep having fun with your friends even when you’re at home. Good luck!

how to add people on minecraft
how to add friends on minecraft pc

How to Add Friends in Minecraft and Play with Them?

The reputation of Minecraft continues to be hitting new highs. One of the reasons for this is its addictive and flexible multiplayer mode.

Minecraft has all of the characteristics to be a super multiplayer sport. It has editions, JavaScript and Bedrock Edition. However, in case you are gaming the JavaScript model, cross-platform play is the handiest feasible on particular devices.

So how could you upload your friends in Minecraft?

Follow the below given step by step instructions in order to upload your friend on Minecraft game.

1. Sign in on your Microsoft account, create a brand new world (or load a current one, your choice) and open your in-sport menu. You`ll see a choice “Invite to Game.” Tap/click on that choice and any other window will pop up.

2. Choose “Find Cross-Platform Friends” on the subsequent pop-up window. Add your buddies, and when they take delivery of your invite, they may be a part of you in the game.

3. Just remember, you’ll now no longer be capable of playing Minecraft together along with your buddies in the event that they have a distinct model of this cross-platform sport.

4. Similarly, a few structures can also be version-particular. The JavaScript version of Minecraft isn’t to be had for consoles on the way to play together along with your buddies.

In the Bedrock Edition, as soon as you’ve got introduced to your buddies, you may play with them while not having to fear approximately which structures they play on.

Minecraft Realms

Minecraft Realms is much like LAN however in this case, you need to invite your buddies.

This is a paid model of the Minecraft server, wherein the handiest the host or sport proprietor has to pay for it.

Others can play each time they want, and it`s absolutely loose for them.

It additionally has distinct versions, inclusive of the JAVA version of Minecraft and the Xbox/ Mobile/ Windows 10 model of Minecraft.

How to Accept a Friend Request in Minecraft PC?

how to add friends on minecraft pe
how to add friends on minecraft pc

Go via the subsequent steps to just accept a chum request on Minecraft PC:

1. Select the buddy listing from the house menu in Minecraft.

2. You will then see a message that says `You obtained a chum request`. Tap in this message. Tapping at the message will show the listing of all of the buddy requests despatched to you.

3. Choose the buddy request you want to just accept. And there you go, the buddy request could be right away accepted.

How to Play Minecraft with Friends with out Realms?

There are ways to play with buddies on Minecraft without realms.

Local LAN and servers.

To play on LAN together, you and your buddies should share the same  LAN port. Your buddies can be a part of your game by launching the game via the LAN connection.

To play at the servers, go to the multiplayer tab and add the server address of your buddies. Then, you should be able to be part of them quickly after

We have several options for Local LAN and Online Servers.

Using The Local Area Network (LAN)

LAN is a Local Area Network that allows friends near your local neighborhood to be connected. It will connect to individual servers or pre-existing servers.

Now follow the steps below to connect to the local network LAN has two processes for different Minecraft versions.

Minecraft JAVA Edition

1. First, you must have an account on the Minecraft server, otherwise, open it and create a new account before loading.

2. Now you will be asked to have a host computer capable of playing the game in different environmental zones (Minecraft has two zones: Survival Zone and Adventure mode).

3. Launch the game as a single-player at first, then press ESC.

4. Now click open to LAN to launch LAN settings and select play mode.

5. After completing the setup, click on Start LAN World, a message appears stating that the local game has been hosted.

Other players who wish to join the game must select a multiplayer game and they are automatically redirected to the game on the LAN network.

Thus your friend is added to Minecraft.

Minecraft Windows 10 Version

1. The first two steps mentioned above are similar to Minecraft on Windows 10/mobile/Xbox.

2. The host player needs to launch the game by creating a new environment or an existing environment.

3. Select Multiplayer and make sure to enable LAN to other players.

4. Now start the game using start/create.

5. For other players to join click on the play menu.

6. Go to the friend’s menu and search for LAN Games.

Using Online Server

In the Online Server, you will have the opportunity to play with two or more players, it is more like a multiplayer game. To connect this, we have identified Minecraft as having different versions, follow the steps below for the appropriate version.

Minecraft Java Version

1. First, you need to update your Minecraft server so that the version variation you choose should be similar to your existing version.

2. Now, look for the IP address for multiplayer, if you already have one.

3. Enter the game and select multiplayer in the menu.

4. Add the server IP address.

5. So get connected to the game.

Minecraft Windows 10 Version

In Minecraft, the three versions above come with three different servers, namely Mineplex, InPvP, and Lifeboat. You can select an existing server or look up an IP address if you already have one.

If the existing IP address is not working, please check with the server administration.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to how to add friends on Minecraft on PC with a complete explanation.

how to add friends on Minecraft Xbox one cross platform

Open the in-game settings menu once you’ve loaded into the world. Select “Invite to Game” from the far-right menu. Select the option to “Find Cross-Platform Friends” on the next screen. Select “Add Friend” after finding your friend using their Minecraft ID or gamertag.

how to add friends on Minecraft mobile

Here are the steps you needed to follow in order to add friends on Minecraft on mobile. On the home page > tap on sign in > sign in with Microsoft account > Tap on play > Tap on menu > choose the friend > invite to game > send invite.

how to add friends on Minecraft java

Unfortunately, you cannot play with your friends on Java unless you add them to your world or create a server and invite them to it. You can connect with your pals in different methods.

Why can’t I add friends on Minecraft PE?

Unless you utilise a third-party software, you must be connected to the same network to play together. Multiplayer for Minecraft PE is a third-party tool that allows you to host a server and connect to other networks.

This is the end of this short guide hopefully you find this guide helpful in order to know more about playing Minecraft with your friends from all across the globe.

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