Slime Rancher 2: All Gordo Slime Locations

Gordos in Slime Rancher are super-sized slimes found in out-of-the-way locations. They are super-sized slimes that stand guard over portals and rare items at different locations on the map. 

Finding Gordo is the first part of the puzzle, and then you need to get them out of the way by feeding them. You need to provide them until they explode and clear the way forward. I have mentioned all the locations of Gordo Slime in this guide.

Rainbow Fields Gordo Locations

In the rainbow field, you will find three Gordos. They are Pink Gordo, Cotton Gordo, and Phosphor Gordo. Rainbow Fields is the first place slime ranchers get to explore once they reach Rainbow Island. The conservatory is where ranchers can sleep, sell plots, keep slimes, and much more. 

Gordo Slime locations Slime Rancher
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Pink Gordo

Pink Gordo is located to the west of the Rainbow Fields map. They have no favorite foods; you can feed them anything. This Gordo will open up a water spout that will take you onto a cliff where you can activate the switch to reach Ember Valler. 

Cotton Gordo

Cotton Gordo is located in the southern area of the Rainbow Fields. It would be best to walk up the hill to find Cotton Gordo. Their diet is mostly veggies, and they prefer water cabbage. Its explosion will open a cave, and you will find a switch to reach Starlight Strand. 

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Phosphor Gordo

Phosphor Gordo is located at the head, south of the conservatory. Keep going past the dock. Head down to the beach from here and look for the cave opening that the Phosphor Gordo guards. They eat fruit. Their favorite is Cuberry. There is a treasure chest in the cave behind the slime. 

Starlight Strand Gordo Locations

There are five gordos that you will find in Starlight Strand. It is a beautiful two-toned paradise split in half by the sea. One side is dosed in blues, and the other in reds. It is a coastal area, and you can find rare resources. Here are the Gordo slimes in Starlight Strand: 

Hunter Gordo

It can be found blocking a cave at a small beach area towards the south of the purple area. Its diet is meat, and its favorite food is Rostero. Once it explodes, it will open up a revealing area with a collectible pod and many useful resources.  

Ringtail Gordo

It can be found south of the Starlight Strand. You can find it in the west, where flutter slime spawns. Ringtail Gordo will eat anything, as it has no food preference. However, you can only feed them at night, as it turns into stone during the day. It will open a new teleportation link, returning you to the south of Rainbow Island. 

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Honey Gordo

It is located South of the arrival port, across from a waterfall. Its diet is fruit, and its favorite food is Mint Mango. Beyond this gordo is a cave, which contains a gate shortcut. You can use a Phosphor plot to unlock it, and within the cave, there is a treasure pod and tank upgrade. 

Angler Gordo

Angler Gordo can be found in a cave southeast of Starlight Strand. Its diet is meat, and my favorite food is Sea Hen. Beyond this, you will find a water jet, which can be used for easier access from the beach into the Southern Starlight Strand area. 

Flutter Gordo

Flutter Gordo is in the far south of the Starlight Strand, and its diet is rare. It eats nectar, which can only be found at night. You will find a cave underneath this Gordo with a research drone. A reassuring pod containing blueprints for making a starlight strand portal at the conservatory 

Ember Valley Gordo Locations

In Ember Valley, you will encounter five gordos: Boom Gordo, Batty Gordo, Crystal Gordo, Rock Gordo, and Tabby Gordo. 

Boom Gordo

You can find Boom Gordo to the west of Ember Valley. Its diet is meat, and its favorite food is Briar Hen. Beyond this, you will find a new cave area with some collectible pods and interesting plot secrets. 

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Batty Gordo

You can find Batty Gordo in the cave area of Ember Valley. The entrance can be located where the yellow and the brown regions meet, side of the sign warning about danger. Its diet is fruit, and its favorite fruit is pomegranate. Once fed, you will find a new entrance to this cave beyond it. It will make traversal in the Ember Valley a lot easier. 

Rock Gordo

Rock Gordo is found in a hollow between a circle of cliffs towards the east of Ember Valley. Its diet is also veggies, and it likes Heart Beet. Once it explodes, it will open a water jet, which makes getting in and out of this area much easier. 

Crystal Gordo

The crystal Gordo can be found to the north of the Ember Valley, with lots of waterfalls and cliffs. Its diet is veggies, and its favorite is Odd Onion. Once it explodes, it will open a water jet, which is helpful for exploring the area. 

Tabby Gordo

Tabby Gordo can be found in the far north of Ember Valley on a small island. You can reach there using a jetpack. Its diet is meat, and its favorite food is Stony Hen. Once it explodes, it will open a teleportation link back to Rainbow Fields. It will take you to a hidden cave towards the island’s north. 

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